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Diet Report (Landing Page)

Diet Report (Landing Page)

The Personalised Diet Report at a glance

The Personalised Diet Report at a glance

At myDNA, we know that each person is unique. We pride ourselves on delivering personalised advice based on your genes. This enables you to make more informed nutrition and lifestyle decisions.

Highlights of your Personalised Diet report include:

  • Nutritional breakdown
  • Diet and exercise recommendations
  • Insight into appetite and weight gain
  • Fat storage and breakdown


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Lab analysis of your genes will provide unique insights into your health. Specifically, your comprehensive, 16 page report will focus on your likelihood of weight gain, sense of feeling full, how your body processes and stores fat, including triglycerides. Based on our findings we’ll provide advice about the diet and exercise approach best suited to your body.

Your genes make you an individual. Some aspects of genetics are plain for all to see. You don’t need a test to tell whether you have brown eyes. But other aspects are hidden and can only be discovered by exploring your genes.

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Want to fit into your genes?

Recent international media coverage has reported what we already know, that the use of DNA testing has successfully enabled health conscious consumers, to lose weight. Understanding what is written in your DNA allows you to work with your genetics. DNA testing can reduce the guesswork out of your health and wellbeing.

Why buy a myDNA Personalised Diet Report?

Have you…

  • Tried diets in the past and struggled to lose weight?
  • Decided that you would like to lose weight?
  • Been successful in a diet and are now entering a maintenance phase?
  • Wondered which diet would be most suited to you?
  • Got an interest in how your body is pre-programmed?

Then this report may have the answers you have been searching for.

One size fits all?

When it comes to diet there are lots of guidelines available from a variety of respected organisations. These guidelines are written with the entire population in mind. At myDNA we don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach and want to help you uncover the diet most suited to your body make up. Through highly advanced laboratory analysis and interpretation, we unravel your DNA to give you valuable insights that can make a difference. Get to know your body intimately by understanding your DNA.

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How it works

Graphic for Get Tested

Get Tested

myDNA uses a simple cheek swab to analyse your genetic profile and can be ordered online.

Graphic for Lab Analysis

Lab Analysis

The lab analyses your DNA sample. Our clinical team interpret the results and create a personalised report.

Graphic for Consultation

Report delivered

Your personalised myDNA report will be delivered by your nominated doctor or pharmacist.

Graphic for Online Access

Online Access

You can access your report securely online where new information will be provided as it becomes available at

An investment in a healthier future

You can change your hair colour and style. You can even change your diet and exercise habits.

The one thing you can’t change is your genes. myDNA personalised information has lifetime relevance, using the science to help keep you winning, both today and into the future.

Take control of your future health and happiness today.

Explore myDNA

Explore myDNA is our innovative platform that allows you to view your reports and learn more about your DNA findings.

Explore myDNA is your go-to report library and your entry to further research as it is uncovered both for your particular genes and the science of the human genome.

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Scientific evidence, industry leading knowledge

myDNA has been providing genetic testing and interpretation services to healthcare professionals for over 10 years. The research for our reports is carried out by an expert team of medical doctors, clinical geneticists, clinical pharmacists, genetic counsellors, dieticians and sports scientists led by Associate Professor Les Sheffield Australia’s, preeminent clinical geneticist. What’s the result? A credible report, using the latest scientific findings that is prepared just for you.

All reports also include a section specifically written for health care professionals, which includes an evidence rating system and all clinical references. This means you can share your personal results with your doctor, physiotherapist or even your personal trainer, to further action recommendations or you want to seek further advice.


Your privacy matters to us. We are dedicated to protecting and securing your genetic information at all times. We use best practice security safeguards to protect your privacy and the personal information entrusted to us. We will only ask you for the essential information we require in order to provide you with your report.

You can read our full privacy policy.

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