What Happens When 2 Sisters Try Our DNA Vitamins Test?

Despite being sisters, Ellie & Joanna's vitamins test results were surprisingly different.

16 Dec, 2020


Media Appearance



Last year we were fortunate enough to feature on Destination Happiness where we invited sisters, Ellie and Joanna, to visit the myDNA lab and try our Personalised Vitamins test.

They were curious to see how similar their genes are and wanted to know once and for all if some of the similar or differing symptoms they were experiencing could be linked with their genetics.

Two sisters swabbing the inside of their cheeks

Vitamins test: the results are in…

Despite being sisters and so biologically similar, the outcome of the DNA vitamins test produced some surprisingly diverse results! Ellie had a higher need for Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, while Joanna had greater needs for Vitamin B6.

For Ellie, this means including more animal products and fatty foods such as salmon in her diet, which can help mitigate her risk of a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Joanna on the other hand was born with a genetic variation that makes her process Vitamin B6 faster than others, meaning she needs to eat more meat, fish and soy products to top up her body’s supply of B6.

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Everyone is unique, even sisters.

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Learn more about how you can benefit from myDNA’s personalised wellness platform. You’ll learn about how your DNA affects your response to foods, exercises, vitamins, minerals and more.

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