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TESTIMONIAL – Diet Group 1

Find out what others have said about the Personalised Diet Report

“The MyDNA diet and fitness reports are most definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done.

They are so insightful and I’ve learned so much about my body.

No more ambiguity or confusion about certain diets or why my body is behaving a certain way.

I never would have guessed that my body prefers carbs over fat! Now that I understand my DNA I can confidently choose the right actions to take whether it be to maintain health and fitness or to lose weight.”

Emily, aged 33, (VIC)

“The diet recommended for me in the myDNA Diet Report fitted in with the way I eat.

If felt glad to know about my genetics. It fell into line with everything I’ve been experiencing, and what my doctor had told me about my cholesterol.

It has given me every confidence. I trust in the results and I feel confident that by following the advice from this report on my personal DNA I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

I am very pleased!”

Kelli, aged 54 (Revesby, NSW)

TESTIMONIAL – Diet Group 2

“I have tried every diet. I was yo-yo dieting. My Diet Report cemented what to some extent I already knew, that low fat works for me. Now I know my genes and I know what works.

I love science. I won’t try any new diets.

This is something I can stick to for the longer term. I’ve already lost 5kgs in the last 5 weeks.”

Emma, aged 35, (Hunter Valley NSW)

“I’ve always been really active. My report says I burn more fat than others.

That makes sense because when I stopped body building I went back to my natural weight.

What I don’t like is wasting my time, buying foods, doing exercise and not getting anywhere.

It’s too frustrating.

This report takes the guesswork out.”

Shane, 55 (Narre Warren, VIC)

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TESTIMONIAL – Diet Group 3

“I’m a single mum with six children, so I don’t have much spare time or money.

I found this test very efficient, it was so easy to send it off, you didn’t have to go anywhere.I was impressed.

It’s a very detailed report. It is totally based on my needs, according to myDNA. This is money well spent.

The next steps are to focus on the foods recommended for me.”

Phillipa, aged 46 (Keilor Downs VIC)

“It’s the best thing ever invented to help everyday people get on top of their health.

It’s giving me a foundation to work on myself. I want to optimise my health. I’d rather have a scientific report, than someone’s best guess.”

Pamela, aged 73, (Melbourne VIC)

TESTIMONIAL – Diet Group 4

“In the last few years I’ve been struggling to maintain a healthy weight. I have to work harder than others to maintain my weight. I have tried diets but I haven’t had much success.

I have always been healthy and I’m not huge but I’m not happy with how I am.

Since I received the results recently I have followed the food guide and lost weight.

I’m really happy because I have something that I have seen results from. I know how to work worth my body.”

Diane, aged 57 (Nar Nar Goon, VIC)

“My report created quite a few light bulb moments.

One of the results said that I had a propensity to not feel full after meals. This really resonated with me as I would see friends having a sandwich for lunch and I’d think, ‘that wouldn’t even touch the sides for me!’ This is something I’ve noticed my whole life. I’ve tried many diets and struggled to lose weight.

My personal trainer had suggested that I include more protein, and I’ve tried, but since I have seen my DNA results I have been putting this in to action more.

Now I know this is something for my make-up, something that’s personal to me.

The other area that was interesting was in relation to the risk of having high cholesterol. My GP said that there could be a genetic component to my raised cholesterol and not to beat myself up about it. I didn’t believe her, but now I have these results, it’s reassuring. It takes some of the personal blame away.”

Lynne, aged 49 (Ormond, VIC)

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TESTIMONIAL – Diet Group 5

“As an older man, it has confirmed what I thought was happening with my body, that gives me some satisfaction. Now I have it in writing. You don’t know me.

This has come from my saliva. A swab in my mouth and you’ve come up with a document that is me. That makes me think that it’s right.

It was the ‘Your Food Guide’ that turned out to be the most useful part for me.

I found out that I was overeating. I leave it (the report) on my kitchen bench. It actually makes more sense to me than any diet I’ve been given before.

I’m following the quantities in the report and I’m losing weight slowly again. I can just feel myself managing it better.”

Ronald, aged 66 (Sunshine Coast, QLD)

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W&N – Your Kit

Your $99 kit

You’ll get everything you need to provide us with a cheek swab. We’ll analyse your sample, prepare your report and give you secure access to our findings on the Explore myDNA Portal.

You will also receive access to the Fitness and Caffeine Reports.

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FORM – Information guide

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To help you keep on track download our Free Guide which gives you information on diets, how to read food labels and what genes are known to influence your weight.

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