Understand how to better manage pain

Your DNA holds the key to understanding how you process certain pain medications. Learn about those most suited to your body.


A myDNA medication test is a PGx test that helps identify which medications are likely to be most suited to an individual. The test results are presented in a report for the healthcare professional to consider when deciding on the choice of medication for their patient.

What you can learn in this report

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Learn how your body responds to certain medications prescribed for pain including non-steroidal anti inflammatories (NSAIDs) and opioids

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Discover what your genetic make up means for how your body processes certain medications

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Prescribing recommendations for your doctor, based on your individual results. Completed reports are delivered to your doctor or pharmacist so that they can review the results before providing you with a copy

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Your genes remain the same your entire life and your results can be used to optimise both current and future prescribing considerations


You can purchase your myDNA kit in an accredited pharmacy. This contains everything you need to provide us with a cheek swab, you just need to send it back to us. We’ll then analyze your sample, provide your health professionals with your reports and give you secure access to our findings on the Explore myDNA Portal.

Decide which report you and your health professional would like to receive when your kit is registered online.

Please note that we’ll deliver your report directly to your nominated healthcare professional. You will have ongoing access to your report after you have had a consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.

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Under lock and key

myDNA will interpret and provide a personalized report for the genetic myDNA test requested by you or your healthcare professional only. Your reports and genetic data are your property. Any results generated remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without your consent. Privacy and data security protocols are fundamental to the myDNA technology platform.