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myDNA is an expert gene interpretation service that assesses your genetic profile and produces personalised Medication, Nutrition & Wellness reports. The myDNA reports provide insights that enable you to make more informed health and wellness decisions.

Before submitting your DNA sample for testing you agree and consent to the following:

  • I am 18 years of age or older, and any sample I provide is either my DNA, or the DNA of a person for whom I am a parent or legal guardian, or have obtained legal authorisation to provide their DNA to myDNA.
  • myDNA will extract my DNA from the sample (a cheek swab) provided to perform genetic testing. In some cases, an additional sample may be required if the volume or quality of the sample is not adequate.
  • myDNA can securely store my DNA sample indefinitely. I can formally request for my sample to be destroyed at any time.
  • myDNA will initially interpret and provide a personalised report only for the myDNA test(s) requested by me and/or my healthcare professional.
  • MyDNA will forward my reports to Ventures in New Zealand who will contact me or my health provider and pass the report on.
  • In the future, when new genetic testing or reporting is available, myDNA can perform additional testing on my sample if I request them. myDNA and Ventures may communicate with me about new genetic findings and offer me the opportunity for further testing and analysis. I will be able to opt out of receiving further genetic information at any time.
  • The myDNA Ventures Medication reports will be delivered to me by Ventures, either via one of their GPs or they will liase with my nominated GP.
  • My reports and genetic data will be treated as my property and will never be disclosed or shared with third parties including my insurance company and employer.
  • Life insurance companies may request that I provide them with copies of any genetic test results known to me. myDNA and Ventures focuses on lifestyle genetics and the majority of the genes analysed are unrelated to disease risk and should not have implications for life insurance. A small number of the genes analysed for health and wellness may be associated with disease risk. I understand that if I am concerned about this, I may want to consider my life insurance situation before having the myDNA test.
  • myDNA and Ventures may analyse my deidentified results for evaluation, research and marketing purposes.
  • myDNA and Ventures will make my results available to me on a secure online portal and if requested will attach or incoporate them into my health record via my GP.
  • If my health record is stored within indici then I will also be able to access my PGX report directly through my indici portal
  • myDNA and Ventures will only report on actionable genetic findings that have a high degree of scientific credibility which have been reviewed and signed off by the myDNA scientific team. Anything that falls out of this scope will not be reviewed or reported.
  • The myDNA and Ventures report may not cover all medications/nutritional supplements that I may be taking.
  • All data and any results generated are held confidentially within a secure data protection protocol.
  • My information and results will be kept in strict accordance with the myDNA Privacy Policy.
  • All samples and data are help anonymously by myDNA in Australia, identifiable information is only held by Ventures in New Zealand.
  • All physical samples and data are stored (or are destroyed at your request) by myDNA in Australia in a secure registered lab.
  • Within New Zealand a copy of your data is stored by Ventures within a secure health data vault. Ventures, as part of the Pinnacle group, has provided a safe and secure storage space for over 1.5 million health records for over the past 30 years.
  • No one has access to your identifiable data without your permission and any non identifiable data is goverened by the consent process.
  • I have been offered the opportunity to ask questions and am aware I can contact myDNA on 1300 436 373 to speak with a genetic expert.


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