Customer Testimonials


Keran, 48

“I was in great shape beforehand and now I feel even better… I can easily continue to stick with my plan because I know I’m going to have optimal health eating like this.”

Leighton, 31

“My results after 8 weeks have blown out my expectations. I’ve lost a heap of body fat and reduced my body fat percentage. I could not be happier. I’m definitely going to do another 8 weeks.”

Emma, 35

“I have tried every diet. I was yo-yo dieting. My Nutrition Report cemented what to some extent I already knew, that low fat works for me. Now I know my genes, and I know what works, so this is something I can stick to for the long term.”

Shane, 55

“What I don’t like is wasting my time, buying foods, doing exercise and not getting anywhere. This report takes the guesswork out.”


“I found the myDNA Nutrition and Fitness reports fascinating. I was very intrigued by the tests and loved getting all the information they provided. I just got access to my caffeine report, which was exciting, and have shared my experiences with all of my friends and family!”

Lynne, 49

“My report created quite a few light bulb moments. One of the results said that I had a propensity to not feel full after meals. This really resonated with me as I would see friends having a sandwich for lunch and I’d think, ‘that wouldn’t even touch the sides for me!’ This is something I’ve noticed my whole life. I’ve tried many diets and struggled to lose weight.”

Wisam, 32

“Before I was going to the gym, doing more than an hour of workouts lifting heavy weights but not getting any results. But with the myDNA program I now go to the gym 30 – 45 minutes and I get better results with it. So fantastic!”

Kelly, 34

“In my meal plan I was recommended to increase carbs. I’m not going to lie, I felt nervous about it, but I feel more confident knowing that it’s my genetic makeup and it’s suited to my body.”

Emily, 33

“The myDNA nutrition and fitness reports are one of the best things I’ve done. No more ambiguity or confusion about certain diets or why my body is behaving a certain way. I never would have guessed that my body prefers carbs!””

Pamela, 73

“It’s the best thing ever invented to help everyday people get on top of their health. It’s giving me a foundation to work on myself. I want to optimise my health. I’d rather have a scientific report, than someone’s best guess.”



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