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Finding the right food choices that work for you can be overwhelming, confusing and perhaps even seem impossible

Your DNA holds the answer

  • Testing 7 genes will help find the right diet for you
  • A simple cheek swab is all it takes
  • You receive personalised results with clear, easy-to-action advice
  • Your DNA and test results are completely secure
  • Start seeing real progress towards your fitness goals

Your Personalised Nutrition Report

DNA analysis is a growing field of science. New evidence comes to light every day about the meaning of specific genetic results and how they can help guide our lifestyle choices.

Now, a new frontier of genetic testing can tell you how to eat the right way for your DNA. Each person’s DNA is different, so a diet that works for one person may not work for you.

A trial-and-error approach to dieting can waste so much time. You might have to try several diets before you find one that works. And it can be extremely frustrating if you follow a strict diet, lose weight and then put it straight back on as soon as the diet’s over.

A myDNA Nutrition Report can help you to find the right diet for you, for the long term.

Your nutrition insights from seven genes

We’ll explain your results of the following seven genes, and how they influence weight and appetite, fat storage, your risk of elevated triglycerides and your ability to break down fat.


The FTO gene is linked to body size, body fat storage and obesity.


The APOA5 gene contributes to the regulation of triglyceride levels in the blood.


The PPARG gene facilitates the fat storage process after consuming excess calories, saving for future energy needs.


The ADIPOQ gene is involved in fat burning and helps to control energy levels.


The MTIF3 gene has been linked to increased body size, which is measured as Body Mass Index (BMI) and also to the regaining of weight after dieting.


The LIPC gene is involved in the way your body processes and breaks down dietary fats..


The FADS1 gene is specifically involved in the processing and production of unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid types.

What can you learn from your Fitness Report?

Your DNA holds the answer.

  • Whether your muscles are equipped to work with explosive power
  • Whether you are better suited to endurance sports
  • Your baseline levels of aerobic stamina
  • Your risk of injury
  • Your rate of recovery
  • Whether your genetic type is common among elite athletes

Your fitness insights from seven genes

We test seven genes, and explain how they influence your body’s reaction to exercise.



The ACTN3 gene influences your ability to build the type of muscle that is used in sports that rely on sudden bursts of energy



The AMPD1 gene is involved in producing energy which is used by muscles and helps with combating fatigue



The COL5A1 gene affects ligament strength, range of movement and the flexibility of your joints



The IL6 gene affects how your muscles recover after exercise



The AGT gene affects the ability of muscles to contract and release which impacts your muscle strength and power



The PPARGC1A gene influences levels of aerobic fitness and contributes to endurance performance

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The COL1A1 gene builds a collagen that affects joint mobility and injury risk



The gene results are combined to create exercise recommendations for you

What’s the science

Scientific credibility is the foundation of myDNA. This integrity is rigorously maintained. myDNA is:

Evidence based

  • Worldwide research is evaluated by myDNA’s team of qualified professionals
  • We only test for new genes when there is adequate research
  • Advice is based on international evidence and peer-reviewed published studies

Led by experts

Our clinical team includes genetic scientists, medical doctors, genetic counsellors, PhD scientists, nutritionists and dietitians that:

  • Keep up-to-date with all the latest research and genetic literature
  • Carefully read, evaluate and filter all emerging global evidence
  • Are specialists in their subject matter, such as diet and lifestyle advice
  • Provide practical recommendations based on the genetic tests results (only myDNA does this)
  • Recommend all choices based on myDNA reports are made in consultation with a healthcare professional



Your DNA sample and data remain your property, are stored on secure encrypted services, can be destroyed anytime at your request, and will never be shared without your consent.


Our analysis is limited to the DNA markers we report on. Your results won’t include diseases, can’t be used to identify you, nor will they have any bearing towards insurance policies.

Before you buy this report, we would like to ensure that you know what to expect.

What is included in a myDNA Nutrition Report?

  • The report will identify your results for seven key genes which have an influence on; weight and appetite, fat storage, your risk of elevated triglycerides and your ability to breakdown fat.
  • The report includes advice for the most appropriate diet, based on your genetic results. This recommended diet is based on scientific evidence matched to your genetic type.
  • The report provides a food guide, your recommended nutritional breakdown and portion sizes based on your genetic profile.

What the report will not provide:

  • The report will not provide any ‘silver bullet’ solution to weight management, but will provide insights to help you make more informed decisions based on your genes. Lifestyle and environmental factors also play an important role in weight management.
  • The report does not provide specific dietary recommendations for coeliacs, diabetics, pregnant/breastfeeding women or people with any other health conditions. We encourage our customers to take the report to an accredited dietitian for such advice.