DNA pharmacogenomic testing for prescription medications

Ever wondered why some medications work for some people and not for others?
The answers could be in your DNA.

myDNA Personalized Medications Test

Single Category Kit

a myDNA Personalised Medications Kit (Single)

Select one of 4 medication categories to discover
(Mental health, pain, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal)

myDNA Personalized Medications Test

Multiple Categories Kit

a myDNA Personalised Medications Kit (Multi)

Discover how your body responds to medications in all 4 categories
(Mental health, pain, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal)

Our DNA test can help your doctor understand how common medications might impact you.

Find the right medication & dose faster by understanding how your DNA affects medication response.

What is a Personalized Medications Test?

Understand how common medications might impact you.

A myDNA Medication Test is a form of pharmacogenomic testing that helps identify which medications are likely to be most suited to an individual.

Cut the trial-and-error out of prescription medications and find the right medication at the right dose, faster.

A portrait of a Personalised Medications customers sitting
A portrait of a Personalised Medications customers sitting

Why personalize your medications?

Fewer drug side effects

Your DNA determines how your body metabolizes medication. By assessing the genetic markers, adverse reactions to medications can be reduced.

Take the guesswork out

Pharmacogenomic testing reduces the trial-and-error in prescribing medications, helping you get on the right medication faster.

Results have lifetime value

The test results are presented in a report for your healthcare professional to consider when deciding on the choice of medication that is right for you.

How it works

It’s quick, easy, and non-invasive to complete.

a diagram of a table with a test kit, swab, and myDNA Unlocked app on a phone

Swab your cheek

Complete the non-invasive cheek swab in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home.

a diagram of a woman activating her barcode in the myDNA Unlocked App

Nominate your doctor

Register your sample, nominate a doctor to receive your results, then mail it back to our lab for analysis.

a diagram of scientists in a laboratory

Lab analysis

Our team of scientists and lab technicians analyze your sample and generate your results.

a diagram of a woman having a consultation with a doctor

Consult your doctor

Consult with your healthcare professional to adjust your medications as required.

Medications Customer success stories

Rachel Griffith

It’s given us peace of mind… we just know we’re not messing about with medications.

Joy Mawbey

It was more or less a revelation… that there is a reason that I’m suffering from so much pain post surgery compared to others.

What we cover

Choose a Single Category Test for mental health or a Multiple Category Test which covers all 4 categories.

Mental Health

Discover a personalized report for you and your practitioner with useful information on how your body processes certain antidepressants, antipsychotics and more.


Uncover how your body processes certain anti-inflammatories, opioids and other medications with a personalized Pain Medication Report.


Find out how your body processes certain cholesterol-lowering medications, beta blockers and other heart medications with a personalized Cardiovascular Medication report.


Don’t get burned by reflux. Your Personalized Gastrointestinal Medication Report provides you and your doctor with useful information on how your body processes certain reflux medications and more.

Did you Know?

Over one million people in Australia are prescribed antidepressants.

Finding an antidepressant that works is some times a matter of trial-and-error. Only 50% of people respond to the first antidepressant they try.

A simple myDNA Medications Test can help your doctor to tailor your medications to suit your genetic profile.

a pharmacogenomic testing patient at home patting a dog
a diagram of a lock and shield on a phone representing data security

Your data, your property.

Your DNA should be yours, and only yours.

a diagram of a lock and shield on a phone representing data security

Privacy and data security protocols are fundamental to the myDNA technology platform.

myDNA will interpret and provide a personalized report for the genetic myDNA test requested by you or your healthcare professional only. Any results generated remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without your consent.

For more, please read our privacy policy.

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