How to Calculate Calories for Weight Loss

Monitor Your Calories to Achieve Your Health Goals

03 Jun, 2021



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Calories are our constant energy companions, and we rely on them to keep us healthy and well. From the science classroom to nonchalantly checking food packaging as we wander up and down the supermarket aisles, most of us have at least a brief idea of our relationship with calories.

However, in order to lose weight, a deeper understanding is needed. That doesn’t mean that calorie counting has to be obsessive or stressful.  There are ways you can monitor your calories that are empowering rather than scary and that help you to achieve your health goals in a positive manner.

The Don’ts

So, you’ve worked out you need a certain number of calories in order to lose some weight. Yet, many people only stick to diets for so long or pick up bad habits in an attempt to see results quickly. Therefore:

  • Don’t go overboard
  • Don’t limit yourself to only a few food groups
  • Don’t follow any strange fads
  • Don’t go in blind

Basically, you can’t go into this process willy- nilly just because you carried out some calculations. Depriving yourself and eating what you think seems healthy is not going to be sustainable.

The best approach is to work out how you can make calorie counting seamlessly fit into your eating routine and not get too bogged down with it all. Also, you ought to seek out long term solutions rather than fast fixes that leave you feeling disappointed.

Consider a DNA Diet

Professional. Unique. Personalized. Effortless. Attainable. Life-changing.

We take your body’s unique DNA as the basis of your meal plans. Our testing is not a generalized vision of a healthy lifestyle.  The diet we produce is tailored to your body’s health requirements. By using your DNA as the stepping stones, we can lead you across choppy, confusing calorie waters.

What’s more, we don’t only calculate calories; we give you all the tools for your very own balanced diet. We inform you on what nutrients suit you best and in what quantities. We set you up with recipes, DNA meal plans and snacks so that you can kickstart your journey to a more fulfilling diet.  Your results will provide you with tangible facts about how your body handles food. Moreover, it’s all drawn up by a team of geneticists, nutritionists, health coaches and leading researchers.

The Dos

Having summarized our incredible methodology, we can now lay out some ‘dos’.

  • Do see yourself as an individual
  • Do include a variety of food groups
  • Do be adventurous
  • Do be in it for the long run
  • Do be kind to yourself!

All in all, calorie counting isn’t about being fretful, over-analytical or a nutrition expert.  Instead, it is about having a more profound awareness of what will work for you.  Should you like to learn more about how we can aid you in this self-discovery, feel free to peruse our website. You can also contact us for any further information on our DNA fitness and nutrition testing. We’d be delighted to talk through its boundless benefits with you.

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