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The Benefits of Exercise on Your Mental Health
We all know that taking regular exercise has many benefits from increasing your energy to lowering blood pressure. However, regular exercise also has psychological benefits too. Getting active can help with all kinds of things from easing symptoms of anxiety and depression to keeping your memory sharp and raising your confidence and self-esteem. So, if [...]
Putting Yourself First is Good for Your Mental Health
Let’s face it, life can be busy and full of obligations. Sometimes you may feel as though you are putting everyone else’s needs above your own. You find yourself stressing about your job, your family, your friends, your health, your happiness and goodness knows what else. Carry on like this for too long and it [...]
Approaching Mental Health – A Holistic Approach to Mental Health
Approaching Mental Health – A Holistic Approach to Mental Health
Your brain is an incredible tool for analyzing and understanding the world, but we should always remember that it is just one part of an extremely sophisticated and complex whole. With so much discussion around mental health and wellbeing, particularly because of the pandemic, it’s never been so important to ensure that you take a [...]
Hacks To Become A Better Athlete
Hacks To Become A Better Athlete
Have you recently taken up running? Are you a cyclist? A weight-lifter? A rugby player? Perhaps you are just not making the progress that you would like in the sport that you love. While it’s natural to plateau as your training progresses, there are steps that you can take to jump start your fitness and [...]
Tips to Increase Your Stamina
Tips to Increase Your Stamina
Remember when you first started getting fit? Do you recall how long it took to build up stamina? The harsh reality is that you need to work to build up your stamina, but it is so easily lost when you take a few weeks off training. When we watch athletes performing, their stamina is something [...]
a person shopping at a supermarket for heart health food
Heart Health: 6 Tips to Help You Live Your Heart Healthiest Life
We all know the importance of the heart - it pumps blood around the body, which provides our body parts with vital oxygen and nutrients needed to survive! Without maintaining good heart health, we increase our risk of preventable heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack and coronary artery disease. Not only will making smarter [...]
Why Do I Struggle To Build Strength From Lifting Weights?
Why Do I Struggle To Build Strength From Lifting Weights?
Watching pro weightlifters might have brought it home to you that when it comes to lifting weights, you simply don’t measure up. Of course, there’s lots of generic advice out there on how to build muscle and increase your strength. The one thing none of these articles consider is that maybe you are fighting against [...]
What Makes an Athlete Elite
What Makes an Athlete Elite
We have all been wowed by the athletic ability of our elite athletes recently. Oozing passion and determination and showcasing a mind and body that’s capable of the seemingly impossible, it’s got us thinking about the characteristics that make an athlete elite? Is it down to genetics or is it a combination of mental and [...]
How Are Gymnasts So Flexible?
How Are Gymnasts So Flexible?
Gymnasts need to have flexibility that most of us can only dream of. As well as having mental resilience to deal with performing under pressure while executing precise and intricate movements. It’s all in the joints In order to be able to bend, flex and extend their bodies, professional gymnasts require tendons and ligaments that [...]
calorie counting while making a meal at home
How to Calculate Calories for Weight Loss
Calories are our constant energy companions, and we rely on them to keep us healthy and well. From the science classroom to nonchalantly checking food packaging as we wander up and down the supermarket aisles, most of us have at least a brief idea of our relationship with calories. However, in order to lose weight, [...]
toned woman unrolling yoga mat
How To Tone Up
Looking and feeling good are inextricably linked and everyone deserves to flaunt what they’ve got! Being leaner is not a concept only reserved for celebrities with star trainers or those who hit the gym 24/7. There are many ways to help your muscles shine through and, at myDNA, we have the formula and methodology just [...]
woman working out at home
Top 7 Tips For Starting a New Workout Routine
Whether you have set goals, need a change or are brand new to a structured workout routine, there are ways you can make a real difference. In this post, we’ll explore some of them, to kickstart your journey to a more fulfilling relationship with fitness. Mindset: You need to have your motivations clear. Do you [...]
woman picking out meal plan ingredients at a market
Top 7 Tips for Starting & Sticking to A New Meal Plan
We’ve all been there. Stocked our fridge full of obscure vegetables that we have no idea how to cook. Blanched spinach and rustled up egg white omelettes. Cupboards packed with years old protein shakes and powders. We’ve blitzed, blended cut down, cut out and put snacks in perfectly portioned containers. We’ve made three bean salad [...]
a woman out for a run in sunshine at golden hour
The Benefits of Personalizing Health and Wellness
myDNA was formed in 2007 and built upon the ideals of its founder, Associate Professor Les Sheffield, whose ambition was to eliminate the guesswork from prescribing medications. Already a well-established and well-respected geneticist, having qualified in 1976 (the first geneticist in Australia), his passion for the uniqueness of human DNA informed his research. Since its [...]
Knowledge is Power
Knowledge is Power
DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is present in nearly all living organisms. It is the carrier of genetic information: it dictates our characteristics, for example, our hair and eye color, as well as the unique way in which our bodies process nutrients and react to forms of exercise. myDNA was founded upon the ideals of utilizing the [...]
a photo of 2 green smoothies in glass jars on a table surrounded with greenery
Using DNA Results to Improve Your Immunity This Winter
The darker, colder months of the year bring with them seasonal colds, flu and other illnesses. Many of these are related to the reduced levels of Vitamin D we receive as a result of getting less sun, while others are due to a diet containing larger amounts of “comfort food” and fewer fruits and vegetables. [...]
People partaking in a kettlebell workout at the myDNA US launch
It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Ways – How to Finally Get Healthy with the Aid of Technology
Do you have trouble sticking to a nutrition plan or exercise regime? You are definitely not alone. In fact, you’re in the majority of people. Keeping your weight down, improving energy levels and consuming the right nutrients is notoriously challenging, despite how easy it looks on paper. No matter how much you want to lose [...]
a woman in a grey sports top using her phone to compare fitness apps outdoors
How Does Personalized Wellness Compare to Other Health Apps?
Nowadays, there is a huge selection of apps available to help you take care of your health and wellness, each offering different benefits at different price points. This can make it hard to determine which app is right for you. Currently, there are over 200,000 health and wellness apps available through app stores globally, and [...]
a group of people enjoying a Be Fit Food meal at a table
We’re Taking the Guesswork Out of Be Fit Food Meals
myDNA and Be Fit Food have teamed up to help Aussies eat themselves better with personalized meal recommendations based on their unique DNA. Be Fit Food have been providing delicious pre-made meals to consumers since 2015. In that time, they’ve perfected their range of individual meals and their meal programs to help people achieve healthy [...]
a small container of personalised skin care product with rose petals on a white background
Discover Your Own Personalized Skin Routine With Skinstitut
When it comes to anti-aging treatments the advice can be incredibly general with no evidence of the real threat future aging may present. This can lead to wasted time and money as fads come and go, while the real problems continue to go un-noticed until they appear many years later. Enter Skinstitut x myDNA’s Personalized [...]
Close up of a scientist in a laboratory looking down a microscope
Pharmacogenetic and Genealogy Pioneers Merge for Historic Partnership
Dr. Lior Rauchberger, CEO of leading Australian genomics company, myDNA, announced a merger with the U.S., Houston-based consumer DNA test company, FamilyTreeDNA, and its parent company, Gene by Gene. Dr. Rauchberger will step into the role of CEO of the merged companies, effective immediately. Gene by Gene co-founders Bennett Greenspan and Max Blankfeld will join the Board of Directors. FamilyTreeDNA, [...]
a group of woman in yoga gear standing together and smiling
How to Change your Behavior for Good – The Science Behind Behavior Change
There’s no doubt about it: implementing long-term behavior change is difficult. This struggle is probably most relatable when it comes to our health. We mostly know the healthy lifestyle we’re supposed to be living (exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, not smoking, limiting alcohol, etc), but life itself always seems to get in [...]
a portrait of Dr Carlotta Petti on a balcony
What Is The Healthiest Diet? 61 Nutrition Experts Share Their Opinions
Recently, Adam Wright of LifeHacker Guy invited 61 of the world's nutrition experts to share their opinion on what they think the healthiest diet is. Our Scientific Director & Nutrigenomics expert, Dr. Carlotta Petti was fortunate enough to be featured in this article. As a PhD qualified nutritionist, she gave her opinions on what she [...]
Nutritionist Alex Pendlebury browsing myDNA insights on her phone at home in her kitchen
The Future of Technology and Health
Thinking about the future of these incredibly important aspects of our lives can lead us to strange yet, unimaginable and amazing places. Science constantly dreams and dares to conjure up new practices, engineer machinery and conduct experiments all in the hopes of prolonging and bettering human life. Robots performing surgery? An ultimate vaccine to eradicate [...]
a mother and her adult daughter cooking a roast together in the kitchen
No One Size Fits All When Talking about Fitness and Nutrition
Ever wondered why a particular diet worked for your neighbor but not for you? Why that recipe that gave you heaps of energy left your friend feeling bloated? Or why the workout that promised results in three weeks still isn’t doing anything at all after months on end? To break it down: we don’t wear [...]
myDNA lab staff Craig analysing DNA samples
Genetics and Genomics: The Most Precise Way to Take Care of Yourself
In the past, if a person reported that they had been sticking religiously to a particular health and fitness routine, yet had seen little to no improvement so far, it was generally assumed that they hadn’t been doing it right. The strain of doing constant battle with one’s own body with no results, and to [...]
Two sisters swabbing the inside of their cheeks
What Happens When 2 Sisters Try Our DNA Vitamins Test?
Last year we were fortunate enough to feature on Destination Happiness where we invited sisters, Ellie and Joanna, to visit the myDNA lab and try our Personalized Vitamins test. They were curious to see how similar their genes are and wanted to know once and for all if some of the similar or differing symptoms [...]
a close up of two people's arms reaching out for each other
Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day – Celebrating Our Counsellors
The 12th of November marks Genetic Counsellor Awareness day. The day is dedicated to celebrating these professionals and raising awareness about the important role genetic counsellors have. This role includes helping both the public and health professionals understand the important and supportive role they play in healthcare. What is genetic counselling? Genetic counselling is a [...]
a woman doing yoga on a rug in her home while her young daughter hugs her
Update: Australian Medical Association’s Statement of Genetic Testing in Medicine
On the 1st of September, 2020 the Australian Medical Association (AMA) updated its policy on genetic testing to recognize the importance of genomics in healthcare. President of the AMA, Dr Omar Khorshid, acknowledged the capacity of genetics and genomics to rapidly transform health care, stating “the AMA believes genetic and genomic technologies should be incorporated [...]
a woman at home in lockdown meditating on a yoga mat with a dog
What We Learnt From Lockdown: How to Survive Increased Restrictions
Unfortunately, the number of Coronavirus cases have been steadily rising again across parts of Australia. Some of us have had to head back into lockdown while others are facing increased restrictions including a 5km radius travel limit. If you feel like you didn’t manage to stay on top of your health during the first lockdown [...]
a person standing next to dumbbells and a kettlebell in a gym
Gyms Are Open: Kickstart Your Post-Iso Fitness
Gyms are now starting to open around world, gym and fitness classes have re-commenced, and local sporting teams have started training with hopes of a 2020 season. So, with all these monumental changes to our isolation routines we thought it timely to provide some tips, tricks and important things to remember when returning to or [...]
a woman sleeping in bed with a cute dog
Could Your Sleep Schedule Be Harming Your Health?
Every night, without fail, people across the world climb into their beds and shut down for hours. This phenomenon we call “sleep” is something we are all very familiar with, but how exactly does it work? Up until the 1950s, it was widely believed that sleep was just a passive period of unconscious rest, but [...]
a man standing with his infant son up on his shoulders
Precision Prescribing Can Combat Australia’s Expected Surge In Mental Illness
Social isolation, familial and community disconnection, shock job loss and health fears create the perfect storm for a person who is vulnerable to mental illness. New modelling by the Brain and Mind Center confirms our fears, that this pandemic may see more deaths by suicide than by the virus itself. Predictions estimate a 25% increase [...]
a woman in a blue dress posing with a watering can in her garden
Don’t Leave Isolation Without Trying These Alternative Workouts
Whether it be baking banana bread, some home DIY or home-schooling the kids, there is no doubt self-Isolation has brought with it plenty of opportunities to beef out our repertoire of skills. But can you say the same about your exercise routine? As the gyms closed, we were all quick to stock up on home [...]
a woman and her son looking at a computer screen
Screen Time: Could Your Screen Usage Be Doing More Harm Than Good?
The use of screens has become nearly inescapable in our daily lives. Screens are the medium through which we access entertainment, work, socialise, study and shop. During recent events, we’ve seen screen time surge with the entire world moving towards digital solutions, so it’s important to understand the negative impacts of too much screen time [...]
a family of 5 lying together on the grass
Why a Generic Health Plan Isn’t Enough
In celebration of National DNA Day, we thought we’d address a common question we receive when it comes to personalized wellness and genetics: Why DNA? We’ve been talking about the benefits of genetically tailored health plans for the best part of five years, and in that time we’ve seen an exponential rise in the volume [...]
Black and White photo of myDNA Founder Les Sheffield Recieving an award
Our Founder’s Story
The vision to offer pharmacogenomic tests to the Australian public came from myDNA founder Associate Professor Les Sheffield. A pioneer in his field, Les became the first Australian to qualify as a clinical geneticist in 1976. At the Royal Women’s and Children’s Hospitals he specialised in genetic tests and oversaw the introduction of Down's syndrome [...]
a couple and their young child grabbing groceries from a freezer at a supermarket
Minimise Time at the Grocery Store With These Handy Tips
Meal prepping is a practical skill helping many household cooks feed hungry mouths on a budget and serve up healthy meals on tables in record time. But, as we start to get used to our lives in isolation, meal prepping has a fourth benefit – potentially its most powerful – to reduce time grocery shopping! [...]
a woman and her young child doing yoga in her apartment
How to Improve Your Home Workout
With every person or business in the fitness industry, us included, jumping at the opportunity to help the millions of people being ordered to stay home, there’s been no shortage of recommendations, advice and demonstrations for how to get your sweat on with a home workout. While the endless supply of advice is probably more [...]
A woman in a red shirt working at home indoors on a laptop
Vitamin D Helps Fight Against Viruses Like Coronavirus
We’re moving indoors. Around the globe, we’re battening up the hatches, working from home, keeping our children home from school and practising social distancing in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 disease. For now, this means replacing socialising outdoors and kids sports with time spent in the safety of our homes. While this presents [...]
woman with one of her kids playing at a window
Don’t Just Survive Working at Home with Kids. Thrive.
If someone told us twelve weeks ago that a harmful virus infecting the globe was going to force us to quit the gym, we’d be gob smacked. If they then told us we’d also have to go on scavenger expeditions to multiple supermarkets just to complete the weekly shop, we’d think they were having a [...]
A female scientist in a white gown at the myDNA Laboratory
CEO Update on COVID-19 to Our Members
Your wellness is king, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and all the measures we’re taking as a community to slow down the rate of infection. Even if you haven’t been directly affected by the coronavirus, it’s safe to assume that aspects of your everyday life have had to change, which may have forced you [...]
A woman in sports clothes doing a workout at home
Take your Gym Workout to the Living Room
We get it, it's hard when your usual fitness routines are disrupted, but just because you're stuck at home, doesn't mean you can't stay active. Why not work up a sweat right now as our mate and celebrity trainer Luke Milton takes you through a free home workout? We're not keeping these home workouts all [...]
a chef pouring dressing onto a delicious and healthy salad in a kitchen
Optimize your Wellness, Boost your Immunity and Stay Active while at Home
Your wellness is so important, now more than ever, as the World Health Organization announces the Coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic. Even if you haven’t been directly affected by the Coronavirus, certain aspects of your life have probably had to change, which may have disrupted your normal wellness routines. If you’re feeling limited by having to [...]
a black pan with a keto meal garnished with herbs on a wooden table
Diets Like Keto Eliminate More Than You Think
There’s a lot of buzz around about fads and diets like Keto, Atkins, Paleo and Intermittent Fasting. We’ve no doubt you know of someone who has recently lost weight and now looks incredible because they’ve been on the latest craze. In essence, all diets restrict your daily calorie intake, and if you eat less energy [...]
a table decorated with festive decor and a salad
Balancing FOMO vs GUILT
Don’t feel bad for indulging this festive season. It’s a time to celebrate, and rightfully so, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw out your wellness regime at the same time. It’s something we know a lot of people start to ponder at this time of year so we asked myDNA Fitness Expert and [...]
a family sharing a roast outside at a festive celebration
Five Steps to Smash Your Wellness Goals This Festive Season
If you live in Australia, or the southern hemisphere, then Summer not only means shorts, BBQs and day trips to the beach. Summer also brings Christmas, end of year festive celebrations, school holidays, New Year’s Eve and your inspired New Year’s resolutions. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been motivated by all the good feels [...]
A photo of Richard Hentworth, myDNA's vitamins competition winner
Competition Winner Announcement! One Lucky myDNA Personalized Vitamins Customer is Off to LA!
We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our myDNA Personalized Vitamins “Win A Trip to LA” competition and helped make it a success! Congratulations to Richard Hentworth, the winner of the fabulous getaway to the wellness capital of LA! Richard purchased myDNA Personalized Vitamins to shake up his vitamins routine to feel his [...]
Celebrity Trainer Luke Milton on a row machine in a gym
Khloe Kardashian and Luke Milton Use myDNA to Help Twins Reveal Their Best Selves!
What do Khloe Kardashian, Luke Milton and myDNA all have in common? If you've tuned in to Season 3, Episode 2 of Khloe Kardashian’s hit show Revenge Body then there's a good chance you already know! You would have seen the inspirational story of how twins, Ashley and Amber, transformed their minds and bodies with [...]
a photo of 2 green smoothies in glass jars on a table surrounded with greenery
Genetics Brings Clarity to Confusion Over Vitamins
Vitamins and minerals provide us with the essential nutrients to keep our bodies healthy, functional and able to protect ourselves from a variety of diseases. However, the research carried out by personalized genomics company myDNA, reveals that one in five (21%) have no idea if their body is efficiently metabolizing the vitamins they currently consume. [...]
a young woman completing a home workout with a laptop and dumbbells
Our Fitness Plans Now Include Home & Gym-based Workouts
We’re always looking for ways to help our customers turn their DNA insights into action, so when our customers asked for Home-based workouts (in addition to the existing Gym workouts) we immediately jumped at the opportunity! It doesn’t matter if you’re a self-confessed gym-junkie who can’t always get to the gym, or if you’d just [...]
Lior Rauchberger and the presenters on set at Channel 7's House of Wellness
myDNA Features on House of Wellness
If you were watching House of Wellness on Sunday 5 May, 2019 we hope you caught our segment! Luke Hines, along with Alex Pendlebury, and our CEO Lior Rauchberger brought our product to life in a short segment talking about Luke Hines’ own myDNA Weight Management test results. Featuring on one of Australia's most popular [...]
a photo from the 8 week challenge check in
See How Our Customers Turn Their Insights Into Action With Incredible Results!
We tracked five customers on their eight-week journey to becoming their best selves by following their DNA-led meal & fitness plans. They all had different goals, and different stories, and we couldn’t be prouder of their success. Well done, guys! Keran’s goal was to optimize her wellbeing as she heads towards 50 Keran Murphy, 48 [...]
Alex Pendlebury sitting on a gym mat browsing her myDNA insights
How to Get the Most Out of Your myDNA Lite Online Portal
If you’ve logged into your myDNA Lite portal lately, you would have noticed some fun new insights and improvements to how your information is presented. We don’t like to toot our own horn, but we think it looks pretty schmick and hope you do too! We want our customers to get the most out of [...]
a photo of the mydna team members holding up their wellness results
Behind the Scenes at the Office: Team Wellness & 8 Week Challenges
Take yourself back to the first few weeks of 2019 as you returned to work, got back into your daily routines and reflected on another summer break filled with fun activities, way too much food and drink and far too little time for exercise. Hopefully you can relate, because that’s exactly how the majority of [...]
myDNA Scientific Director Carlotta Petti smiling on a balcony
How to Put a Meal Plan Into Action
If you've purchased a myDNA test kit, you've probably already received insights on what foods you're best suited to as well as personalized meal plans to help you achieve your goals. It's time to start turning those insights into action. If you're wondering how to make best use of your meal plans, in this newsletter [...]
a footballer kicking an AFL football
Former AFL Player Calls For DNA Insights to Guard Against Injury
Dust off your footy boots and bust out the Sherrin, the AFL season is officially here! Now that the action’s started, the players will be kicking up a storm until the that last weekend Saturday in September, which allows a lot of time for muscle soreness and injuries to occur. Health and wellness at the [...]
woman writing into a notebook on a wooden table with a phone and coffee
The 7 Most Important Steps For Achieving Your Goals
We know it can be hard to keep motivated towards achieving your goals without seeing results. Everyone wants to see the best version of themselves when they look in the mirror, so it's important to set goals and checkpoints to work toward. If you've struggled in the past to reach your health, nutrition, and fitness [...]
Alex Pendlebury sitting on a gym mat browsing her myDNA insights
Check Out Our Feature on Channel 7’s House of Wellness
We were lucky enough to get an awesome shoutout this week when we featured on Channel 7's House of Wellness! Ali Cavill, owner of Fit Fantastic and Master Trainer discussed some of the best health and wellness technologies heading into 2019. In case you missed this segment, you can check it out here.
Destination Happiness logo on an underwater background
Our Feature on Destination Happiness
This week, we had the pleasure of appearing on Destination Happiness - a TV show and blog dedicated to all the different ways you can improve your mental and physical health. Started by Angie Hilton, the show was created out of her own search for happiness and wellbeing. After taking a myDNA test, one of [...]
Nutritionist Alex Pendlebury browsing myDNA insights on her phone at home in her kitchen
Alex Pendlebury Appears on House of Wellness
House of Wellness is one of Australia's leading TV series when it comes to health, wellbeing and beauty. Nutritionist, health coach, and myDNA ambassador Alex Pendlebury appeared on the show this week. In this segment, she explained the power and benefits she gets as a nutritionist from myDNA's personalized DNA tests. Alex also took the [...]
a black and white photo of a padlock showing security
5 Ways We Keep Your DNA Private
Some things are better kept secret: your pin number, passwords and most definitely your DNA. After all, what’s more personal than your genetic code? It’s what makes you unique. You might have heard about the American DNA testing company, 23andMe, that has made a USD $300million deal with a pharmaceutical company, giving it exclusive access [...]
CTV News logo on a blue background
Our Feature on CTV News
This week, myDNA was featured on CTV News in Canada. The show discussed our Personalized Medications test and its ability to help healthcare professionals prescribe the right medications for an individual, minimising adverse reactions. You can watch the video below.
a person in lab gloves putting samples into a DNA testing machine
Horror Health Journey: Ballina Woman’s Warning to Others
A simple, yet effective saliva test could have saved Alison Vickery from a brain injury and years of ongoing health issues. The 56-year-old Ballina woman, a former finance director and chartered accountant who has worked for Kerry Packer, had a toxic reaction to a cocktail of drugs she was given following a CT scan in [...]
a large group of marathon runners
How Three Active People Are Using DNA Insights to Reach Their Goals
We checked in with some active myDNA customers to see how they've been turning insights into action! We were glad to hear that everyone had been putting their new knowledge to use to help them reach their goals and achieve their best selves. They were also kind enough to share their experiences and tips with [...]
a pipette dropping blue liquid into glass vials
What’s the Evidence for DNA-Based Diets?
Genetically-tailored health plans may sound like something out of science-fiction, but they’ve become a reality. Genetic testing was once reserved for inherited diseases and serious illnesses like cancer. But in recent years, there’s been a wave of studies investigating how our genes affect our everyday lives. In particular, how our genes affect our response to [...]
two sisters both taking the myDNA nutrition and fitness test
Update: What Happens When Two Sisters Take a Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Test?
Two sisters, close in every way but body size, recently took a myDNA diet and fitness test to get answers to some heavy questions. Is there a genetic reason Rachael easily gains weight and Vanessa doesn’t? What can Rachael do to be healthier and happier with the way she looks? They wondered if the results [...]
a quinoa based dish on a slate background
How to Get Enough Protein as a Vegetarian
When I talk to our customers at myDNA, I come across many vegetarians or vegans who often ask for advice on how to best reach the protein targets in their recommended diet. If you’re a vegetarian or someone who’s cutting back on meat or animal-based products you might be wondering if you are getting enough [...]
a woman photographed over the shoulder eating a delicious salad
5 Reasons We Eat That Have Nothing to Do With Hunger
Food gives us energy, brings people together, and makes us feel good. The first bite of something delicious is one of life’s great joys. But this feel-good factor can also have us eating for many reasons other than true hunger. So, what are some the reasons why we eat? Reason 1: It’s there Can’t go [...]
two sisters both taking the myDNA nutrition and fitness test
What Happens When Two Sisters Take a Personalized Nutrition and Fitness Test?
In this newsletter, we hear from Rachel and Vanessa - two sisters who have each decided to take a myDNA test. How will their results compare? They have been kind enough to share their experience with us. "Last weekend, I went to my mum’s house to take a DNA test with my sister. We’ve got [...]
sports fans wearing team gear cheering their team on
How Elite Athletes Are Using DNA Testing to Gain an Edge
In the quest for athletic excellence, elite sports clubs are exploring new frontiers in sports training through DNA testing. As these clubs compete for supremacy, the challenge is to keep players fit and at peak performance throughout the season. Genetic testing is now being used as an important training aid that can make the difference [...]
a person pouring water from a metal jug into a glass
7 Easy Food Swaps For a Healthier You
When you begin to make healthy changes to your diet, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you try to make radical changes to your diet, lifestyle or exercise routine overnight, it probably won’t work. But there are some small and easy food swaps that you can make today that will get [...]
a top down photo of a pasta dish high in carbohydrates on a wood table
Nutrition Myths Busted: Are Carbs Really the Enemy?
They’ve been blamed for everything from the obesity epidemic to our skyrocketing rates of diabetes and heart disease. But do they really deserve all the bad press they’re getting? What are carbohydrates and why are they getting such a bad rap? What are carbs? Carbohydrates are one of the main types of macromolecules that your [...]
an ice cream cone dropped on the pavement
Disappointed With Your DNA? Here’s What You Need to Know
Let's be honest. No one wants the "fat gene". No one wants a gene that makes them more likely to be overweight. But if these traits come up in your myDNA Nutrition Insights, should you despair? No. Here's why... Discovering you have one of the 'less favorable' gene variants is actually a good thing. It [...]
an electronic set of scales with a blue measuring ribbon
How I Lost 15kgs and Improved My Heart Health
In this issue, Sarah explains how her myDNA insights helped her on her path to achieving her fitness and health goals. Special thanks to Sarah for sharing her experience! The classic yo-yo I grew up thinking that carbs and food in general were the enemy, as my mother and I both seemed to gain weight [...]
a close up photo of a person's hands using a knife to cut a fillet of salmon on a piece of slate
Should You Be Scared of Fats? Not All Fat Sources Are Alike
Fats are generally made out to be the bad guys, but it’s not really fair to lump them all together. They come in many varieties and our body is able to handle some types better than others. Are there any fats which are actually good for your body? Which fats do you need to look [...]
a man doing leg stretches on a fence in a city
Technology and Training: Confessions of a Health and Fitness Tracker
In my quest to get fit and healthy, I've become something of a track star. Just not in the way you might think... I’ve got health apps, a fitness wristband, a smartwatch – you name it – all tracking my every move. Pick any day in the past few months and I can tell you [...]
a pair of dumbbells and other weight loss equipment
A Melbourne Mum’s Fresh Hope for Weight Loss
Robyn Datt is in her late forties and she found the kilos weren’t shifting as easily as they used to. She explains, “I had tried high fat low carb diets but I was never able to lose weight. I’ve been visiting doctors, seeing dietitians and really nothing was working. “I was getting kind of desperate [...]
two marathon runners neck and neck running through a city street
The Real Reason Why I Hate Long Distance Running
When my training buddies started preparing for a marathon, I wanted to join them. But my body hit its limits even before I could cross the start line. A calf tear during training stopped me from running and it took months to heal. I even got injured when I did the 15k Run for the [...]
a barista wearing a denim jacket and apron holding a cup of fresh coffee
Do You Know What Coffee is Doing to Your Body?
It’s fair to say that a lot of us are obsessed with coffee. Its rich, aromatic scent and diverse flavors delight millions across the globe every single day. For some people, it’s a social badge of honour. They meet their friends over a hot cup of coffee, scour laneways and city streets for the best [...]
myDNA CIO Allan Sheffield appearing on Channel 7's Sunrise program
Our New Fitness Plans Feature on Channel 7’s Sunrise
This week, we were lucky enough to be featured on Channel 7's Sunrise, one of Australia's leading morning TV programs. In this segment, we got to hear from Robyn Datt - a myDNA member - who had previously struggled with shedding kilos. However, thanks to myDNA, she's finally started seeing some positive results. Allan Sheffield, co-founder [...]
a person in a blue sweater taking pills out of aluminium packaging
Are You on the Right Path to Managing Your Pain?
When pain is radiating through your body, you might be tempted to take any medication you can to get it under control. You might not be thinking about potential side effects of the medication. Is the medication working the way it is supposed to? You aren’t alone Research carried out by myDNA has shown that [...]
a person wearing a blue wristwatch tossing dice into the air
Is Your DNA Your Destiny? How to Harness Your Genetic Power
I’ve got one friend who manages to stay fit and thin against the odds. She’s not into sports, she’s never heard of a burpee, much less visited a gym. And while I’m stuck eating nutritionally-balanced, portion-controlled salads (and worrying about the calories in dressing), she’s helping herself to a second cheeseburger, followed by a black [...]
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How does Federer Still Manage to Perform 20 Grand Slams Later?
Amongst the athletes who compete in the highest form of any sport, there are few who can capture our imagination like Roger Federer. In a five-set test of endurance and will power, the Swiss maestro overcame the much younger Čilić at the Australian Open 2018, to seize his 20th Grand Slam. How does he do [...]
a close up photo of a person pouring a pill from a jar into their hand with oranges in the background
Our Appearance This Week on Channel 9’s Today Extra
Today Extra is one of Australia's leading morning talk shows, featuring daily on weekdays on Channel 9. This week, we were lucky enough to appear on the show when our co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer Allan Sheffield came on to discuss our personalized medications testing. With codeine now requiring a prescription, people are finding new [...]
a person with gloves lifting a heavy barbell in a gym
Here’s What the Fitness World Has to Say About Us
Recently we've been getting noticed by leading figures in the Fitness and Wellness area. It's awesome to hear all the pings coming through from happy myDNA customers with success stories on our social medias. It seems word is spreading like wildfire! Tim Robards Fitness and Wellness guru Tim Robards shared his results and how genetic information can [...]
a person sitting at a table reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee and slice of toast
What Would You Do If You Knew At 20 What You Knew Now?
Imagine if you knew at age 20 all the lessons you learnt about your body by the time you were 40, how valuable would that be? I recently got access to my Fitness Report from myDNA. It was a revelation. When I was 20 When I was 20, it was 1998. I had started an [...]
a barista pouring milk into a coffee cup to create a pattern on top
Is Coffee a Drug? Caffeine, Your Genes, and Science
There's been plenty of research into common substances and their health effects. We know that drinking too much alcohol is bad for us. Smoking cigarettes is really bad for us. On the other hand, coffee (or caffeine) is one of life’s last acceptable vices. Should coffee be considered a drug? In Australian cities, a morning [...]
a set of 4 plastic tubs with prepared meals in each
How Much Do You Really Know About Your Diet?
What does the word diet mean to you? It may surprise you that not everyone thinks the same. ‘Diet’ means different things to different people, and rightly so. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has four definitions for diet: Food and drink regularly provided or consumed (A diet of fruits and vegetables; a vegetarian diet) The kind and [...]
myDNA lab staff Craig analysing DNA samples
Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes at Our Lab
If you mention DNA most people think about fingerprints at a crime scene or testing for paternity. Genetic testing has become an accepted part of modern day life, but very few of us understand how it works. In our lab it’s a cheek swab sample that becomes transformed into a report. So how does this [...]
a person holding a packet of blue medication pills and a large cup
Five Reasons Why Your Medications Might Not Be Working
Many people struggle with medications that are ineffective or can even cause nasty side effects. If your medications aren't playing nice there's a multitude of reasons and factors which could be at play, but here are some of the more common ones. You eat a lot of green leafy vegetables It is a surprising and [...]
myDNA CEO Lior Rauchberger appearing on Channel 7's Sunrise program
Our Feature on Channel 7’s Sunrise
We're super excited to be back on Channel 7's Sunrise again this week! Sunrise is one of Australia's top morning TV shows, helping Aussies all around the country get their days of to great starts. This time, our CEO Dr. Lior Rauchberger discusses the research and power behind DNA diets and talks about our personalized [...]
a man sitting up in bed suffering from pain
Why Pain Doesn’t Need to Be a Life Sentence
"It’s all in your head!" "You can’t possibly be in pain still, everything’s healed!" "She must be making it up... I think it’s because she’d rather be on the benefits!" "Your condition is degenerative and you’re going to be in a wheelchair by the time you’re 50!" I sincerely hope these statements are foreign to [...]
a photo of a myDNA scientist inside the laboratory
Our Feature This Week on Channel 9’s A Current Affair
A Current Affair is one of Australia's most well known and talked about breaking news spots on television. This week, we were lucky enough to appear on the show. Our CEO, Dr. Lior Rauchberger, took Reid Butler through the process of how myDNA can unlock the secrets of your DNA. In addition to this, myDNA's [...]
a close up photo of herbs and a healthy dish containing beans and orange vegetables
Choose the Right Diet by Understanding Your DNA
Choosing the right diet for your body should be simple; after all, the answers are in your DNA. Today, almost 11.2 million Australians are either overweight or obese1, cementing it as the second highest contributor to our burden of disease. The leading cause of death is heart disease, and the third is smoking. A poor [...]
a photo of Radek Sali
Swisse CEO Radek Sali Joins myDNA as a Board Member
Having led myDNA’s $10m Series A funding round, the CEO of vitamin brand Swisse Wellness Radek Sali has joined the board of the Melbourne-based consumer health venture. myDNA CEO Dr Lior Rauchberger told Dynamic Business that the company’s latest capital raise, which follows a $4.5m seed round in 2015, demonstrates the “market is ready for genetic science [...]
two medication packets on a bed with a comforting soft toy
How to Get the Right Dose of Medication, First Try
Grief is the most natural human response to loss, and each individual's experience with it is unique. Therefore, it is no surprise the way in which we respond to it is unique also. For many, overcoming loss is a healing process that can be met with time, yet for others it is more complex, has [...]
a photo of the three hosts of Triple M's Hot Breakfast Radio segment
Our CEO Dr Lior Rauchberger Features on Triple M’s The Hot Breakfast
In case you missed it, Our CEO Dr. Lior Rauchberger featured on Australian Radio Channel Triple M today on The Hot Breakfast segment to talk all about myDNA and personalized medication. You can listen to it below. As seen on Triple M's The Hot Breakfast - 22 November 2016
two girls smiling holding cups of coffee
Is DNA the Secret Key to Caffeine Sensitivity?
SCIENCE now has the answer to whether you can enjoy that espresso after dinner — or whether you should steer clear of having energy drinks. A new genetic test can discover how sensitive you are to caffeine, using saliva to pinpoint DNA markers and reveal how your body breaks down caffeine. “Basically, our genes can [...]
an orange packet of mental health medications
Easing the Burden on Mental Health Patients With Precision Medicine
As more and more Australians are using antidepressants, or medications associated with mental illness, the time is right for a re-think on the approach to treatment of these conditions. Eighty-nine Australians in every 1,000 are now prescribed some form of daily anti-depressant, but 10 years ago the rate was closer to 45 – near enough [...]
a shot of the host from Pharmacy News
Pharmacy News – What Does Personalized Healthcare Mean?
You might have heard the term "personalized healthcare" tossed around. But what exactly does this mean? How can tailored healthcare solutions through genetic testing and pharmacogenomics help you and your patients? Dr Lior Rauchberger, CEO of myDNA, talks us through interpreting patient DNA to create personalized healthcare for our patients. You can watch the segment [...]
a group of young school kids together colouring in a classroom
Strong Warnings Against Codeine Use in Children
Codeine is a commonly used medication in Australia. It has generally been considered to be safe. Codeine is part of a group known as opioid painkillers, which have quadrupled in use in Australia in the last decade. It is a painkiller that is used to treat mild to moderate types of pain and can be [...]
a younger person holding the wrist of an elderly person
The Science Behind Pain: What Do We Understand?
The burden of pain One in five Australians, including children, will suffer chronic pain in their lifetime. The burden of pain is huge – in humanitarian, health care and financial terms. Pain is Australia’s third biggest health problem and costs the Australian economy $34 billion each year. What is pain? Pain is a vital function [...]
various coloured pills in foil packaging on a table
Pharmacogenomics – What Is It and How Can It Help Us?
A new era of personalized medicine Companies like myDNA are involved in an exciting new area of personalized medicine known as pharmacogenomics. So what is it? Pharmacogenomics is the branch of genetics which looks at the likely response of an individual to therapeutic drugs. Once a person’s likely response to medication is known, a doctor [...]
a foil packet with small blue pills
Precision Medicine is Booming Globally – Here’s Why
Precision medicine is a field of medicine that takes into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, family history, and lifestyles to make diagnostic and therapeutic strategies precisely tailored to individual patients. Today, most medical treatments are designed for the average patient using the “one-size-fits-all” approach. However, in many cases, this approach isn’t effective because [...]
a man in a green top running on a treadmill in a gym
Could Your Genes be Negating the Effects of Exercising?
High intensity exercise works, unless genes stand in the way Physical activity is a powerful lifestyle factor that reduces the risk for developing Type II diabetes. And a lack of fitness has been shown to be a leading predictor of illness and premature death. In recent years scientific claims have been made for the power [...]
a scientist in a laboratory wearing a lab coat holding DNA samples
Will Genetics Become the New Standard in Healthcare?
In this edition, Business Class talks with Dr Lior Rauchberger about genomics and the role of pharmacy in education and advice, and first‑step testing. Business Class: Lior, tell us a little bit about your background and professional training? Dr. Lior Rauchberger: I studied Medicine at Monash University followed by Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University. I have a passion for [...]
a middle-aged female patient attending a pharmacy
Safer and More Effective Prescribing – DNA Powered Testing
The Challenge myDNA, in collaboration with Melbourne Health, has pioneered a pharmacogenomic decision support tool that links a patient’s DNA results with known drug metabolic profiles using the software system to predict likely individual drug performance, and to provide a treatment decision support tool for doctors. This system is a secure web based system that [...]
a row of children from a family standing in order of height
Does Mental Illness Run in Families? Genetics & Mental Health
Your parents and mental health If someone in your family has a mental illness you might be worried that you are at risk of developing one too. It does seem that mental illness can be passed on in families through genes. However, we do not fully understand how this works. Mental illness may be passed on [...]
an abstract photo of rainbow swirled frostin
Why Some Like it Sweet – Sugar, Treats and Genetics
Sweetness is in your genes A single set of genes affects a person's perception of sweet taste, regardless of whether the sweetener is a natural sugar or a non-caloric sugar substitute, a study suggests. "Eating too much sugar is often seen as a personal weakness. However, our work suggests that part of what determines our [...]
a container for daily pills containing blue and white medication
Antidepressant Roulette – The Problem with Trial-and-Error
The challenges of finding the right medication It can be a challenge to find the right medication to treat depression. In general, medication does not cure depression but it can alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately for some people antidepressants can cause side effects. Often there’s a period of waiting for several weeks before it’s possible to [...]
3 doctors standing discussing patient x-ray result
How Genetic Data Could Save Lives in Cardiac Care
Life-saving data There is a wealth of published information describing interactions between drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease and the genetic variations that can affect how patients respond to them. But few heart specialists make routine use of this potentially life-saving data. To help physicians make better-informed clinical decisions, researchers from the University of Chicago [...]
a company boardroom with large wooden table and leather chairs
GuildLink Announce Revolutionary DNA Testing Deal
GuildLink yesterday announced a “pioneering partnership” with Australian genetics company myDNA which will allow the expansion of genetic testing services in community pharmacy. With more than 10,000 myDNA tests having already been ordered by Australian doctors, the service has now been extended to pharmacy via an “innovative collaboration” between the patient’s pharmacist and medical practitioner. myDNA MD Allan Sheffield said advances in genome mapping technology made the “health benefits of [...]
a doctor sitting at a desk with a stethoscope and computer
How Personalized Prescribing Could Save Mental Health Patients Millions
Patients' lives and half a billion dollars a year could be saved across Australia's mental health hospital services if a new regime of tailoring prescriptions to individuals' genes was widely used, a Melbourne trial has found. So-called "personalized prescribing" is based on patients undertaking a simple blood test or cheek swab to gain genetic profile [...]
Holloways Beach Resident Lee Goldring
DNA Test Gives Holloways Beach’s Lee Golding a New Lease on Life
A Holloways Beach man is urging Far North residents to take up a revolutionary DNA test which granted him a new lease on life after a decade of chronic back pain. Lee Goldring was 38 when a work accident left him with three protruding discs in his lower back, only able to sleep about three [...]
an assortment of medications in and around a plastic container
A Simple Genetic Test Could Significantly Cut Overdose Toll
A Melbourne geneticist has developed a test that can show if a patient is metabolizing prescription drugs too slowly or too quickly. He says it could help reduce overdose deaths. Associate Professor Les Sheffield said variations in particular genes were vital in determining how well a person processed medications but little testing was being done [...]
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