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Receive insights related to your health and wellness—all based on your DNA. With myDNA Wellness, you'll unlock the following actionable DNA insights.

DNA Fitness Insights

Discover how your DNA affects the way your body responds to exercise.

Recent studies have shown how certain genes affect your body’s response to different exercises. These studies have helped identify factors such as your power vs. endurance ratio, injury prevention and more. Our insights will help you optimize your training to work with your natural strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

Insights included:
Genes we test to provide your report:
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DNA Nutrition Insights

Discover how your DNA affects the way your body responds to different foods with personalized Nutrition insights.

Research has shown that some genes have strong links to aspects of your nutrition and health, including your ability to store and burn fat, your appetite, and the ability to keep weight off after you lose it.

Insights included:
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DNA Caffeine Metabolism Insights

Discover how your DNA affects the way your body responds to caffeine with personalized Caffeine Metabolism insights.

Do you struggle to sleep when having caffeine late in the day? Or do you feel as though you can’t function without a morning coffee? Medical evidence suggests that genes such as the ADORA2A gene can have an effect on how your body responds to, induces, and metabolizes caffeine.

Insights included:
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DNA Skin Insights

Discover how your DNA affects your collagen depletion and what UV exposure does to your skin.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body—your first line of defense in your immune system. Learning to take good care of your skin is imperative to your body's health. Find out how your skin responds to UV exposure.

Insights included:
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DNA B Vitamin Insights

Discover how your DNA affects the way your body responds to vitamins with personalized B Vitamin insights.

B vitamins help with energy levels, immunity, healthy skin, and eyes. In your personalized B Vitamin insights, you’ll discover how your body processes B Vitamins, and which foods you personally should be consuming to ensure you have a healthy vitamin intake.

Insights included:
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DNA Heart Health Insights

Discover how your DNA affects the way your body regulates and breaks down heart-affecting fats with personalized DNA Heart Health insights.

Scientific research suggests your DNA has links to key indicators and factors which can affect your heart health. Find out how your body regulates, breaks down, and processes fats in your body so you can keep your heart in top shape.

Insights included:
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DNA Sleep Insights

Discover how your DNA affects your sleep habits with personalized DNA Sleep insights.

Good sleep can be transformative. Not everyone is suited to the same routine. Certain genes can suggest your ideal sleep duration, whether you’re a morning or evening person, social jetlag, and more. Find out your genetically ideal sleep routine with DNA sleep insights.

Insights included:
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    Sleep Deprivation
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    Social Jetlag
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    Movement In Sleep
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    Sleep & Sugar Levels
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    Sleep & Weight Management
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    Sleep Fragmentation
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    Morning vs. Evening
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    Sleep Duration
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DNA Iron Insights

Discover how your DNA affects your body’s ability to aborb and store iron with personalized DNA Iron Absorption insights.

Iron and vitamin C work hand-in-hand to absorb, transport, and store iron in the body. Scientific research has shown certain genes have an effect on this process. Your DNA Iron Insights will tell you if you need extra help maintaining iron levels, and how you can achieve this.

Insights included:
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DNA Bone Health Insights

Discover how your DNA affects the processing of vitamins and minerals that keep your bones strong with personalized DNA Bone Health insights.

Clinical studies have shown that calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A help maintain the strong bones you need to enjoy a healthy, full life. With Bone Health Insights, find out if your body needs extra assistance in maintaining bone health and what you can do to supplement it.

Insights included:
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Access Your Insights

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The myDNA Unlocked App conveniently delivers nutrition and fitness insights to you, along with DNA-powered meal and workout plans—helping you live your healthiest and happiest life, without the guesswork.

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DNA-Powered Plans

myDNA provides you with DNA-powered meal and workout plans tailored for you, so you can eat and train the way your unique body was made to.

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    Macronutrients tailored to your DNA
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    Calorie intake calculated according to your goals, weight, and height
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    Ability to choose specific dietary preferences
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Exclusive Insights From Industry Experts

Access exclusive content carefully curated from your insights. Get daily articles and videos from nutritionists, coaches, and celebrity trainers that can help you live a healthier lifestyle.

Subjects discussed:
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    Nourish your body
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    Feel more satisfied from food
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    Enjoy healthy food substitutions, and additions
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    Monitor your injury risk
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    Train smarter, not harder
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    Recover effectively


It’s quick, easy, and non-invasive to complete.

Receive kit
1. Register your kit

Our simple at-home cheek swab collection kit is delivered right to your doorstep. Once your kit arrives, register it in the myDNA Unlocked app using the unique activation code included in your kit.

2. Swab your cheek

Collect your DNA sample in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your home, and mail it back to our lab with the pre-paid return shipping envelope.

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3. Receive your results

Results and insights are available for you on the myDNA Unlocked app within four to five weeks.

4. Begin 30-day free membership

Once you start receiving insights, you’ll also have 30 days of free access to the myDNA Wellness meal and fitness plans.

Personalize your daily routine and achieve your goals. Find out what your DNA says about you.


Still have questions? We have answers.

When will I receive my results?

Samples typically take 4-5 weeks to process. When your results are ready you will receive an email with a link to the myDNA Unlocked App to view them.

What is included in my 30-day free membership?

Your 30-day free trial of the myDNA membership begins once you receive your insights. Your trial membership includes meal plans, workout routines, nutrition guides, and daily content curated for your DNA. These features are designed to turn your DNA insights into actions you can put into practice.

Can I still see my insights if I don't continue my membership?

Yes! The insights you received during your trial will always be available to you on the myDNA Unlocked App, regardless of your membership status.

If you do not renew your membership, you will lose access to the meal plans or workout plans, as well as any new insights or content while your membership is disabled.

Are there ever any new insights added?

Yes! myDNA is always discovering and adding new insights. If your membership is active, you will receive any new insights we add to the app.

Is my data safe with myDNA?

myDNA understands your DNA contains personal information. Your privacy and myDNA’s security are top concerns. All data, including your DNA results, is stored on highly secure and encrypted servers.

After completing your swab analysis, your DNA sample will be stored in a secure vault at -84°C to prevent spoiling. You are free to request your sample be disposed of at any point, and the lab will securely destroy your sample.

Sample analysis only looks at the genes and markers required to deliver our insights and plans. Your results will not include factors like disease risk or ancestry, so they cannot be used to personally identify you. The results have no bearing on your insurance and will not be shared with other companies or third parties.

For more, check out our privacy policy.

Are myDNA's insights based on science?

The myDNA clinical team has over a century of combined experience in genetics, bioinformatics, nutrigenomics, and pharmacogenomics, and has done extensive research across thousands of peer-reviewed studies. The research suggests that your DNA plays a part in how your body responds to foods, exercise, vitamins, etc. If you'd like to view the clinical references used, you can find them under each insight or here. To keep the integrity of our evidence, myDNA utilizes an evidence rating scale based on the guidelines at the Oxford Center for Evidence Based Medicine.

The insights provided by the myDNA Wellness test are not intended to be used as a solution to your health and wellness. Instead, myDNA's insights and plans will provide you with everything you need to incorporate your genetics into a path towards your goals.

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