Exclusive BDO Offer: Personal Action Kit: Nutrition, Fitness & Folate (B9) DNA Insights

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  • With the BDO myDNA Personal Action Kit, everyone can be their best possible self and live life to the fullest. We give you easy to understand, relevant and applicable action plans to turn your DNA insights into action.
  • Simple at-home-cheek-swab revealing insights for fat burning, fat storage, power, endurance, stamina, injury risk and more. Download our guide.
  • Caffeine insights to help you know your optimal time of day to use caffeine.
  • Your likely needs for Folate (Vitamin B9) to help you feel your best every day. 32% of Black Americans will have Folate conversion challenges* that can lead to decreased methylation. Strong methylation creates a solid foundation for good heart and neurological health, supports red blood cells, energy and immune function.
  • 8 week personalized DNA-based fitness plan, with over 500 exercises.
  • 8 week personalized DNA-based Nutrition plan with hundreds of tasty recipes personalized to your genes, height, weight and physical activity.
  • Your insights and personal information stored securely in accordance with our privacy policy. We will never share your information without your written consent.
  • No more fads or yo-yo diets. Just the best nutrition and fitness plan for your body.


*Based on genotype frequency data relating to MTHFR rs1801131 and rs1801133 polymorphisms in African and Non-Hispanic black populations.(Source:www.ensembl.org)

myDNA tests do not analyze any genetic factors which may or may not predispose you to allergies or food intolerance.