The Benefits of Personalizing Health and Wellness

There are numerous benefits to following a personalized health and wellness plan.

20 Apr, 2021





myDNA was formed in 2007 and built upon the ideals of its founder, Associate Professor Les Sheffield, whose ambition was to eliminate the guesswork from prescribing medications. Already a well-established and well-respected geneticist, having qualified in 1976 (the first geneticist in Australia), his passion for the uniqueness of human DNA informed his research. Since its inception, myDNA has expanded from medical prescriptions into broader areas of health and fitness. We thought: if we can eliminate the guesswork and trial-and-error nature of prescribing medication, why not apply that same principle to diet and exercise regimes? We have therefore invested time, money, and dedicated research into ensuring that our proposed plans are backed by science, are actionable, and most importantly: are catered specifically to you.

Why Personalize It?

We have discovered that one of the biggest issues with diets, in general, is that what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Too often, fad and yo-yo diets are designed for short-term results. Yes, you may see a dramatic change by following them, but the likelihood of you sustaining it long-term is slim. To combat this, we create personalized nutrition plans which cater only to you. It’s in your DNA; just as your genes decide what hair color you have, how tall you are, your weight and build, they also decide how your body reacts to a certain diet or exercise regime. We work with customers who want to make real, permanent, positive changes to their lives.


The benefits of following a personalized plan are numerous:

  • More inclined to stick it out: when we construct your plan, we not only take into account your DNA, but also all elements of your personhood: your age, gender, height, weight, activity levels, and dietary preference. As well as this, we work with you to establish what your own personal goals are for your nutrition and fitness. Your plan will mold around you, rather than you having to mold yourself around your plan. Our research has found that following a plan of this nature means you are 15% more likely to make lifelong behavioral changes.
  • Faster, safer results: a plan which has been formulated according to your own DNA and backed by scientists with a combined 120+ years of experience, will yield more effective and safer results. Following restrictive diets and punishing exercise routines, while they may result in more dramatic short-term changes, are unsustainable and unhealthy in the long-term. We will work with you to create a dna based diet plan which will give you the results you want, while also enabling you to make actionable and meaningful healthy choices.
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Your Future is in Your DNA

We reject the “one size fits all” approach so prevalent within the diet and exercise industries. myDNA has grown in the 14 years since its inception based on the philosophy that the most effective way to make meaningful changes in your life is to follow a plan that is as unique as you are. It’s in your DNA.

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