Top 7 Tips for Starting & Sticking to A New Meal Plan

How Worth Is Sticking to a New Meal Plan?

27 May, 2021




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We’ve all been there. Stocked our fridge full of obscure vegetables that we have no idea how to cook. Blanched spinach and rustled up egg white omelettes. Cupboards packed with years old protein shakes and powders. We’ve blitzed, blended cut down, cut out and put snacks in perfectly portioned containers. We’ve made three bean salad only to have the homemade, low fat dressing go curdled. We’ve pulled out dinner ingredients to think oh no, not that, not again and ordered take away. We’ve abandoned diet after diet and meal plan after meal plan because they’re unachievable, don’t work for us or let’s face it, they’re just absolutely awful.

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Well, time for a change. Time to make a new plan really worth sticking to. With our 7 tips and tricks, you’ll see that there’s a way out of disappointing diets and bland batch meals.

  1. Make a List of Reasons: Start by outlining why exactly you want to start a meal plan. Really think about why you want to embark on this lifestyle change. Tap into your main motivations. Let these reasons drive you and make you determined to see it through. Write down and tune into exactly what will power you through when you feel like giving up. See this as a long-term mission rather than fortnightly fixes. Remind yourself that your health is a priority and it’s up to you to make sure that you get all the nutrients you need.
  2. Make it Personal: Here at myDNA, we’re genetic pioneers who believe in the individual. What sets us apart from the run of the mill diet plans is that we offer a streamlined approach that is tailored made just for you. We have the science, experts and research to demonstrate that our personalized plans mean business. All you have to do is take our nutrition test and let us work our magic to deliver you fresh, exciting and personalized meal plans.
  3. Make Time: Your health is a priority which is why it’s crucial to invest time into exploring all the avenues. You need to be prepared to do some trial and error and you need to take the time to make a list, check your apps, be organised, do a grocery run, prep and cook. You are in charge of your health destiny and you need to seize every opportunity and chance when it comes to keeping yourself well. You may feel like you don’t have time to stick to a meal plan, but everything is secondary to your wellbeing. After all, if you don’t feel your best, you won’t perform at your best. Always bear that in mind!
  4. Make it Realistic: Date night, slabs of chocolate cake, a glass of wine and a cheeky takeaway are all allowed now and then. It’s impossible to eliminate what makes you feel good and you should treat yourself after working so hard. It’s all about moderation though and making sure that you pencil it in and rebalance your planning accordingly.
  5. Make it Exciting: Try some spice, experiment with different cuisines, go to organic food stalls, farmers markets, Asian supermarkets and scan the shelves from top to bottom. Planning doesn’t mean boredom and shopping for food and cooking up recipes can be fun! Why not host a dinner party, create a food blog or document your progress? All this means that you can share how far you’ve come and get really excited about food again.
  6. Make the Kitchen Your Haven: Keep your preparation space clean, tidy and organised. Invest in some gear- it doesn’t even need to be the fancy stuff, perhaps just a funky measuring jug, a silly scrubbing brush or a spice rack. Basically, items that will make you smile and feel good about being in the kitchen.
  7. Make it Stress-Free!: Relax and know you’ve got this. You don’t need to worry or overthink it. You have to work hard, plan and be determined but you should also enjoy yourself and understand that it takes some time to adjust to new habits. If you’d like to know more about meal planning and how we can help with our unique methodology, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more.
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