Why Do I Struggle To Build Strength From Lifting Weights?

Advice On How To Build Strength & Muscle From Weight Lifting.

30 Sep, 2021



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Watching pro weightlifters might have brought it home to you that when it comes to lifting weights, you simply don’t measure up. Of course, there’s lots of generic advice out there on how to build muscle and increase your strength. The one thing none of these articles consider is that maybe you are fighting against your natural abilities.

If you are the kind of person to whom endurance sports like running seems to be second nature but you can’t lift light weights for a couple of reps, the secret could be in your DNA. Simply put, you may have a genetic profile that naturally lends itself to endurance over power sports.

What We Do

When you take out a membership at myDNA, we check your sample for the expression of 5 main genes (your ACTN3, AGT, AMPD1, PPARGC1A and IL6). We will save you the trouble of hitting the library to do the research and give the lowdown on what these genes do.

Your muscles contain “fast twitch” fibers, which provide a powerful force useful for sudden and intense movements, and “slow twitch” fibers that are key to endurance activities that are typically of lower intensity. It is these genes that dictate which of these fibers may be dominant in your genetic profile. They also play a role in your muscles’ use and regulation of energy and recovery post-exercise, all of which may favor either endurance or power exercises. With this information, you will know what your body was designed to do, and you may consider adjusting your diet or training to work in harmony with your body rather than against it.

So, I Will Never Be Able To Lift Weights?

If you recognize yourself in the scenario described above, you are probably more accustomed to endurance sports than power-dependant ones. The important thing to mention is this is not a barrier to being able to develop muscle and lift weights, but you need to work with what your body was designed to do. In the case of an endurance profile, your body is suited to slow, steady movements, so you should incorporate this style into your training. You may never become a pro weightlifter, but you will certainly be able to build up your core strength and enhance muscle tone.

How Will myDNA Analysis Help In My Training?

With detailed analysis from myDNA, you will be able to work with what nature has given you. Our analysis will give you insights into nutrition, from appetite and weight, fat burning, body size and weight regain and how your body stores fat. Nutrition, as you know, is the cornerstone of good health and fitness. Our insights also give you data on your training profile, whether you are more predisposed to endurance or power sports, and detailed, personalized information on potential recovery, stamina, and injury risk.

We don’t all have the potential to represent our countries, but we can improve our own strength and fitness. When you understand your body from a genetic point of view, you will be able to refine your nutrition and training to suit your unique make up. This will allow you to perform at your best and find out what scientifically works for you.

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