What Is The Healthiest Diet? 61 Nutrition Experts Share Their Opinions

Our Scientific Director & Nutrigenomics Specialist Dr. Carlotta Petti weighed in on what could be considered the healthiest diet.

22 Dec, 2020


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Recently, Adam Wright of LifeHacker Guy invited 61 of the world’s nutrition experts to share their opinion on what they think the healthiest diet is.

Our Scientific Director & Nutrigenomics expert, Dr. Carlotta Petti was fortunate enough to be featured in this article. As a PhD qualified nutritionist, she gave her opinions on what she personally thinks is the healthiest diet.

a portrait of Dr Carlotta Petti on a balcony

Dr. Carlotta Petti truly believes that one size doesn’t fit all. As we are all different from one another there is no one diet that is best for everyone. If we gave the same diet to a group of individuals trying to lose weight, different people will achieve different results even if they have the same approach.

This is because of our DNA.

Dr. Carlotta Petti claimed:

“…a personalized approach to Nutrition is the way to find the healthiest diet FOR YOU and it can be achieved by overlaying DNA information with lifestyle information.”

The information your DNA can give you, overlayed with your nutritional goals, physical characteristics, and dietary preferences can help you obtain the optimal macronutrient distribution, calorie intake and identify your hero foods.

“This is the healthiest diet for you – and is likely different from the healthiest diet for another person.”

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