How to Start a Healthy Weight Loss Journey

Kick Start Your Weight Loss Journey

18 Jul, 2022


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If you’ve decided that this is the year you’re going to start your weight loss journey, the one thing to keep in mind is to do it in the healthiest way possible. To do this, you need a plan that enables you to lose the extra kilos and maintain that loss after you’ve achieved your goal weight.  Opting for genetic testing with myDNA will provide you with insights into your body and how it functions, which will give you the best chance of actually succeeding with your goals.

We look at how to start a healthy weight loss journey and how myDNA can help you along the way.

1. Eat what’s right for your body

Many healthy eating experts suggest your diet should contain a wide range of healthy foods that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. But did you also know, depending on your DNA, you may have a higher priority for some nutrients compared to others? For example, those with a certain FTO gene variation associated with an increased appetite thrive on a diet higher in protein, which has been shown to increase their feelings of fullness. Additionally, your genes can influence your processing and absorption of certain vitamins and minerals, which may put you at risk of becoming deficient in some. Not to worry, depending on your results, myDNA provides you with personalised tips and recommendations to help you work with your DNA. By being more informed about your body’s unique nutrition needs, you can make better health choices to help you feel your healthiest and happiest self.

2. Eat mindfully

One habit that many of us need to change is how we eat our food: most of us gulp it down and hardly register what we’ve been eating. Eating mindfully involves eating more slowly, chewing your food more and being fully aware of tastes and textures. Eating in this way will help you feel fuller faster and help prevent you from overeating.

3. Stay hydrated

Staying fully hydrated should be part of every eating plan. Your body is 80% water and so you must drink plenty of it. Being fully hydrated will aid digestion, regulate your body temperature, protect your joints, and keep your skin looking more youthful.

4. Get plenty of sleep

Surprisingly, stress is one of the main causes of weight gain. When you’re nervous, stressed and anxious, your body releases the hormone cortisol which, in turn, leads to increased appetite. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol and your appetite increases. With myDNA, over time, you’ll get insights into your sleep patterns and learn ways to improve your quality of sleep.

Make Your Weight Loss Journey Easier with myDNA

myDNA empowers you to make healthy lifestyle choices that will make your weight loss journey so much easier. You’ll receive DNA insights and personalised tips and recommendations based on the latest nutrigenetics research. We take all the hassle out of working out what you need to eat and when; we’ve worked it all out for you.

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