Introducing Our New Membership Program for All Australian Wellness Warriors!

Our new personalised wellness platform will help our Australian members turn their DNA into positive behaviour change!

12 Nov, 2020


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Exciting news for our Australian customers: our brand new membership platform has just landed!

Australian wellness warriors are getting first access to our bigger and better personalised wellness platform, just in time for summer!

For those who love our old personalised wellness products, what’s new?

myDNA are still all about training smarter and eating better. Our new membership program is a monthly subscription to our new myDNA Unlocked app designed to help you unlock the secrets of your DNA and use them to set healthy, sustainable habits for life.

If you’ve gained a bit of COVID cushioning, a myDNA membership will help you transform your diet and lifestyle (and waistline!) with everything you need on the myDNA Unlocked app:

  • DNA-powered meal plans
    One size doesn’t fit all. Your DNA-powered meal plan will provide the ideal calories with the perfect marconutrient breakdown for your unique body.
  • DNA-powered fitness plans
    You can unlock your fittest version with personalised workouts you can do at home or in the gym. The DNA-powered fitness plans are designed to help you achieve your goal and train to your genetic advantage. Plus, celebrity trainer Luke Milton and Alex Pendlebury will ensure you maintain perfect form with demonstration videos for every exercise.
  • Over 200,000 recipes
    We’ve expanded our repertoire to over 200,000 of the world’s favourite recipes for endless variety and flexibility. Explore, swap, ‘favourite’ and shop in just a few taps.
  • DNA-powered content
    From scientific journals direct to your device, you get more of the personalised wellness updates our customers have raved about!
  • Progress tracking
    New features make it fun and easy to track your body transformation, no matter what your goal.
  • USA’s #1 Celebrity Trainer Luke Milton and Nutritionist Alex Pendlebury’s practical advice
    Our tips from the experts will help you make sustainable behaviour change.
  • Everything you need in the palm of your hand
    Your DNA-powered plans, DNA insights, shopping list and more are all easily accessed from the new myDNA Unlocked app.

Register for membership today and enjoy a lifetime of better health choices

  • For $69, you register online and get a DNA collection kit that will provide insights you keep for life.
  • Your DNA insights explain your genetic advantages and disadvantages when it comes to Power + Endurance, Stamina, Injury Risk, Fat Storage, Body Size, Appetite + Weight plus more
Celebrity Trainer Luke Milton and fitness influencers resting between workout sets

Continue your personal wellness journey with us

Plus, you’ll get access to all of these premium features for free for two months!

  • Personalised meal and fitness plans, catered to your DNA, body, lifestyle and goals
  • Over 200,000 recipes and 100’s of workouts to explore
  • Additional new DNA insights – the more you stay the more you can unlock, including DNA insights for vitamins, sleep, skin aging + more
  • In-app features to make it easy to customise, shop and track your progress

And after your two free months, membership costs less than 50c per day.

We hope to get to know you better soon. If you were wondering, your DNA sample and information are stored securely, remain your property and will never be shared without your consent.

Go ahead, you were made for this.

Have a question about our new subscription platform? Feel free to reach out on social media or check out the FAQs on our contact us page. If you have a success story from myDNA in the past we’d love to hear from you! You can send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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