Let's Get Fit! 5 Tips To Become A Fitness Ninja

To optimise your fitness, unlock a routine that’s individual to your DNA!

24 Mar, 2022




In case you didn’t know, this month we’re challenging you to improve your health and wellness with achievable, weekly lifestyle changes (if you haven’t already, try our tips for better nutrition and sleep).

This week, we’re challenging you to level up your fitness. Here’s our 5 easy fitness tips to help you make small steps for big changes!

1. Do exercise you actually enjoy


To help you make exercise a habit (and to ensure you do it even on those cold, dark mornings where sleeping in is all too tempting), choose a sport or workout you actually enjoy! That is, don’t sign up for a gym membership if it’s really getting outside in nature that keeps you motivated.

2. Match your training style and goals to your Power vs. Endurance genetic profile

lifting weights

Your DNA influences the training style best suited to you. Our Personalised Wellness Kit can reveal whether you’re better suited to power, endurance or a mix of both. By understanding your genetic profile, you can personalise your workouts to help you achieve your fitness goals faster – train smarter, not harder!

3. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down

woman stretching

Dedicate at least 10 minutes either side of your workout for stretches and recovery – especially important for those with genes associated with an increased risk of injury (our Personalised Wellness Kit can reveal this)! We recommend practicing dynamic stretches before exercise and static stretches after. Foam rolling before and after training, particularly on areas that are sore, can also be beneficial!

4.  Give cross-training a go

woman stretching

Cross-training involves combining different sports and exercise into your fitness regime to improve strength, power, fitness, aerobic capacity and flexibility. It can also help combat imbalances and over-use injuries, which can be created from doing just one sport all the time.

Need some ideas? The myDNA Unlocked app recommends you a DNA-powered workout plan, so you’ll never be stuck for ideas! Additionally, you could give one of the following sports a go to compliment your workout routine: swimming, cycling, running, walking, rowing, weight training or Pilates.

5. Order a Personalised Wellness Kit

kit shot

For a personalised and long-term approach to healthy living, check out our Personalised Wellness Kit. Here, you can unlock 30+ DNA insights on your health and wellness (including fitness), all delivered conveniently via the myDNA Unlocked app.

By unlocking DNA insights for fitness, you can optimise your training to work with what you were born with!

Below are the fitness insights you will unlock when we analyse your DNA.

  • Power v Endurance
  • Injury Risk
  • Stamina
  • Recovery

To optimise your fitness, unlock a routine that’s individual to your DNA!

Other DNA insight categories include:

dna insight categories except sleep

All delivered conveniently via the myDNA Unlocked app! Plus, receive a free 30 day trial to our Premium Membership from the time your insights are released into the app. This includes our DNA powered meal and workout plans!

Make small steps for big changes with our Personalised Wellness Kit today!

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