myDNA Personalised Nutrition & Fitness


Double up and save!

Treat yourself to a 20% discount by purchasing
2 or more Personalised Nutrition & Fitness tests.

  • Evidence-based DNA Nutrition plan catered to your unique body, with every calorie and macronutrient calculated to achieve your goal
  • Customised DNA Fitness plan designed to get the results you want, where you want, with home and gym workout options
  • Simple at-home-cheek-swab revealing genetic insights to power your plans – fat burning, fat storage, power, endurance, stamina, injury risk and more
  • Ongoing self-discovery and support with regular new DNA Insights
  • Goal tracking, shopping list and inspirational articles
  • Do it all on the go with the myDNA Life app available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • Your insights and personal information stored securely in accordance with our privacy policy. We will never share your information without your written consent.
  • One time purchase with no ongoing fees or subscriptions.
  • No more fads or yo-yo diets. Just the best nutrition and fitness plan for your body.

myDNA tests do not analyse any genetic factors which may or may not predispose you to allergies or food intolerance.


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