Personalised Medication (Multiple Categories)


Your Personalised Medications report based on your DNA.

Discover more about how your DNA may affect your response to a range of medications from all 4 medication categories covered by myDNA, including mental health, pain, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular medications + more. Only includes medications currently covered by myDNA.

SKU: SI-MY-0049


  • Personalised report based on your DNA results which includes all medications currently covered by myDNA
  • Information about your body’s expected response to certain prescribed medication(s), based on your DNA test results
  • Discover what your genetic makeup means for how your body processes certain medications
  • Includes prescribing considerations for your doctor, based on your individual results
  • Lifetime relevance- receive online access to the results for your future reference, following report delivery by your nominated health professional
  • Visit a supporting pharmacy or contact us to learn more and find out if your medication is covered.

Please note that we’ll deliver your report directly to your nominated healthcare professional. You will have ongoing access to your report after you have had a consultation with your doctor or pharmacist.


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