DNA Diet, Fitness, Lifestyle, or Medication Testing to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Personalised Health DNA Test

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For personalised DNA diet, fitness, sleep, and lifestyle insights

a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit and a phone showing features of the myDNA Unlocked app

Our most comprehensive test ever. Personalise your daily routine with 30+ DNA insights covering fat burning, training styles, injury prevention, caffeine & sleep, B vitamins, heart health, weight management, bone health + more.

All it takes is a simple at-home DNA cheek swab to discover your genetic blueprint and feel better than ever.

What you get

  • DNA collection kit, including your at home cheek swab - the key to your personalised wellness experience
  • DNA Lab analysis at our state-of-the-art laboratory located in Melbourne, Australia
  • DNA Insights into Fat Storage, Fat Burning, Appetite, Weight Regain, Power, Endurance, Sleep Disturbance, Injury Risk, Stamina, Heart Health, Caffeine Metabolism, Vitamins B6, B12, Bone Health and more!
  • Access to the myDNA Unlocked smartphone app to examine your DNA Insights from anywhere - a lifetime blueprint for managing your health and wellness
  • Discover scientifically backed information to help you understand your unique body

Personalised Health DNA Test

DNA Lab analysis

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Personalised Medications DNA Test

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For understanding how your DNA may affect your response to certain medications

myDNA Medications Kits and a phone showing the online portal

Discover more about how your body processes some common medications and whether you may be at an increased risk of side effects or a medication not working, based on your unique DNA.

Get insight into mental health or multiple medication categories.


What you get

  • Help your doctor identify how your DNA may affect the way you respond to many commonly prescribed medications
  • Predict whether you are at an increased risk of side effects for some medications
  • Choose a myDNA Mental Health (Single Category) Test Kit to help inform the treatment of depression, anxiety, ADHD and other psychiatric conditions
  • If you are interested in more than one medication category, choose our Multiple Category test kit which covers a range of mental health, pain, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, as well as some additional pharmaceuticals
  • A complete report is sent to your nominated healthcare professional to assist with prescribing
  • The report offers prescribing recommendations for your doctor, based on your individual results
  • After consulting your nominated doctor, you will receive online access to your PDF report which outlines your results
  • Reports are easy to understand, and are relevant for your lifetime

Personalised Medications DNA Test




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Also available in pharmacy.

With myDNA, there’s so much to discover. Understand your DNA and make a lifetime of better choices.

With a myDNA test, you can discover how your body is likely to respond to food, exercise, sleep, vitamins, medications and more. We help you understand your DNA, start reaching your goals, and feel healthier & happier. Read More

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DNA Health Test Kits Australia

Have you tried every diet going? Do you long for more energy to get you through the day? Are you doing your utmost to optimise your health and be the best version of yourself but somehow, you’re falling short of the mark?

We hear you. In today’s busy world, there are so many demands on your time and attention. With family and work responsibilities taking up so much of your time, there’s hardly any time to concentrate on you. And that’s where myDNA can help. Our Personalised Wellness Kit, a DNA test kit for health, takes all the guesswork out of deciding what’s best for your body. By analysing your genetic profile, we help you be more informed about your body’s response to nutrition, fitness, caffeine, vitamins, skin aging and plenty more. Using this information we can create  meal and fitness plans that are  tailored specifically to you. Plus, you’ll receive personalised advice that’s based on your specific genetic profile and how to work with this.   By unlocking the power of your DNA, optimal health and wellness is much easier to achieve.

With our Personalised Wellness Kit covering DNA testing for health and fitness, you will learn so much about your body and how your genes influence your nutrition, fitness and more. If you’re looking for simple home wellness tests then myDNA is for you. Our tests simply require a cheek swab, which you can do yourself at home. From this swab, our clinical experts will use their 120 years of combined experience together with our proprietary algorithms to reveal your DNA insights and develop your personalised program.

Accomplish Your Health and Fitness Goals with our DNA Testing for Health and Wellness

We have made DNA health testing in Australia available through our extensive experience and leadership in the field of genetics. When you choose myDNA, you’ll be taking the first steps to understand how your body works. Our programs are designed to encourage simple but sustainable changes that will have a lifelong effect on your health and fitness.

Whether you want to lose, maintain, or gain weight, build lean muscle, or improve your cardiovascular endurance, our personalised programs will help you to achieve your goals in a way that is both simple and sustainable. We’ll tell you exactly what to eat and how to train. Every calorie, macronutrient and exercise will be precisely calculated so that you don’t have to think about anything; simply follow the plan. You’ll receive personalised meal plan,  recipes and workouts, be able to convert all the recipes to a shopping list, and you can customise your meal plans and reorder your workouts to fit in with your lifestyle and commitments.

Join Over 60,000 Global Members

Since we’ve started, we’ve welcomed 60,000 members from around the world who have taken one of our DNA wellness test options to unlock the secrets and power of their DNA and make better health and wellness choices.

Consistency is the key to lifelong success and when combined with myDNA personalised programs, it’s an unbeatable formula. The best DNA health test in Australia is so easy to buy online.   Now is the time to unlock your potential with our Personalized Wellness Kit!

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How it works

All our tests are DIY, quick, easy, and non-invasive to complete at home.

a diagram of a table with a test kit, swab, and myDNA Unlocked app on a phone

Swab your cheek

Complete the non-invasive, comfortable cheek swab in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home.

a diagram showing a woman activating her sample in the myDNA Unlocked app

Activate your barcode

Activate your barcode to link your sample to your account, then mail it back to our lab for analysis.

a diagram of two scientists in a laboratory analysing samples

Lab analysis

Our team of scientists and lab technicians analyse your sample and generate your results.

a diagram showing a woman running and turning her insights into action

Turn insights into action

Use your new understanding of your DNA to personalise and improve your lifestyle.

Personalised Health DNA testing

Discover how DNA diet, fitness, vitamin, caffeine, and sleep insights can help you optimise your nutrition, fitness, skincare routines and more.

Unlock Your Ideal DNA Diet

Your DNA influences how your body responds to certain food types. This can affect your appetite, likelihood to put on weight, vitamin balance, sleep, and more. With myDNA, you’ll understand which foods are ideal for your body and how to eat in line with your DNA.

Discover your ideal DNA diet – a perfect balance of macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats tailored specifically to you. Unlock a wealth of information designed to help you make better food choices you’ll actually stick to. Feel healthier & happier with Personalised Wellness.

a woman smiling in the kitchen while grinding pepper into a large red pot
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Start Seeing Results From Training

Are you more genetically suited to power or endurance training? By understanding how your DNA affects your body’s response to exercise, you’ll be able to work to your strengths and overcome your genetic weaknesses.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or bulk up, you’ll discover what exercises, sets, reps, and routines you should follow to maximise your output. Unlock your ideal training routine by understanding your recovery ability, stamina, injury risk and whether you’re genetically suited to power or endurance exercises with a Personalised Wellness Test.

a smiling woman holding a smartphone

It’s a great platform to understand your eating habits and patterns so that you can get advice and tweak your sleep, eating and exercise routine to get the best results that are personalised to you.

— Kasia, Personalised Wellness Member

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars
a smiling woman holding a smartphone
a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit

Personalised Health DNA Test

Personalise your daily routine and achieve your goals. Discover DNA Diet & Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Vitamin insights and more.

a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit

Our most comprehensive test ever.

Personalise your daily routine with 30+ DNA insights covering fat burning, training styles, injury prevention, caffeine & sleep, B vitamins, heart health, weight regain, bone health + more.

No other test gives you this much value at this price. Don’t miss out.

Results are delivered in the myDNA Unlocked app.


Personalised Medication DNA testing

myDNA Pharmacogenomic Testing may help to reduce the guesswork when it comes to certain prescription medications.

Reduce Trial-and-error Prescribing

Ever wondered why some medications work for some people and not for others? The answers could be in your DNA. Your DNA helps to determine how your body processes medication. By assessing genetic markers, myDNA Medication testing can help your healthcare professional find the right medication at the right dose, faster.

Reduce the guesswork and the risk of side effects with a myDNA Medications report. Results are provided directly to your healthcare professional to inform their prescribing. Your results are relevant for a lifetime, meaning you can take one test to be informed for life.

a woman in a blue shirt having a consultation with a doctor
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Wide Range of Medications Covered

Our medication tests cover several categories of medications, including common Mental Health, Cardiovascular, Pain, Gastrointestinal, and Over-the-counter medications. Choose from our Single Category Tests to discover 1 category, or a Multiple Category Test Kit to get insight into all the medications covered by myDNA.

Finding an antidepressant that works is some times a matter of trial-and-error. Only 50% of people respond to the first antidepressant they try. A personalised myDNA Mental Health Medication report can help your doctor to tailor your medications to suit your genetic profile.

Wish I did this 3 years earlier, could have saved myself the trial and error of medications that it turns out my body doesn’t metabolise. So glad I didn’t have to waste any more time.

— Laura, Personalised Medications Customer

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars
a myDNA medications customer sitting by a table with her results on her phone
a myDNA medications customer sitting by a table with her results on her phone

Personalised Medications (Multiple Categories) Test Kit

Understand how your DNA may affect your response to certain medications.

a myDNA Personalised Medications (Multiple Categories) Kit

Discover more about how your DNA may affect your response to a range of medications from all 4 medication categories covered by myDNA, including mental health, pain, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular medications + more.

Results have a lifetime value. By purchasing a myDNA test, you and your doctor will have a blueprint for managing your health for life.


a myDNA Personalised Medications (Multiple Categories) Kit

Member reviews

Verified reviews from our members on Trustpilot, one of the world’s most trusted sources of customer reviews.

trustpilot score 5 out of 5 stars

“I cannot recommend myDNA enough.”

I got my DNA report few years ago and they are always sending me updates. It gives you an insight on how your body works, helps you to understand how you can combat problems that you have, what diet you should be on and so much more. I cannot recommend myDNA enough.

Kathleen Atherton

trustpilot score 5 out of 5 stars

“Life changer.”

I had a feeling that the meds my daughter had been on since birth weren’t actually working for her and, sure enough, my DNA showed that she over-metabolises this particular medication rendering it pretty much ineffective. We then consulted with her medical team and have since switched her to a different class of meds which has been amazing.


trustpilot score 5 out of 5 stars


I found myDNA very easy to do, very reasonably priced and the advice I received very accurate. I know now that I’m more suited to eating protein than carbs and it’s really working for me – even the exercise program I have been advised to do.

Robyn Wilson

Our experts are backed by the world’s leading research

120+ years of combined experience
100+ papers published
5000+ research publications reviewed
5 myDNA clinical studies conducted

Highly accredited and accurate

NATA logo

NATA Accredited

Globally recognised laboratory accreditation to perform genetic analysis

99.9% precision open array genome technology

99.9+% Accuracy

Our advanced laboratory equipment and rigorous procedure give us superior accuracy

ISO Logo

ISO Data Security

All personal information and results are stored on encrypted, secure servers

Our most popular health solutions

  • myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit

    Personalised Health DNA Test

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  • Personalised Medication (Multiple Categories)

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  • Personalised Mental Health Medications

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  • Personalised Pain Medications

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Note: If you’re looking to discover more than 1 medication category, purchase a Multiple Category Test Kit instead of Single Category kits.

Not sure which test to choose?

Find out which test is right for you.

Not sure which test to choose?

Find out which test is right for you.

a stylised image of a phone with a lock and shield representing data security

Your data, your property.

Your DNA should be yours, and only yours.

a stylised image of a phone with a lock and shield representing data security

Privacy is our #1 concern. We firmly believe your DNA should remain your property. Your data is stored on secure, encrypted servers, can’t be used to identify you, will never be shared with third parties without your consent, and has no bearing on insurance policies or premiums.

For more, check out our privacy policy.

Still have questions?

Completing the swab is simple, and can be completed in the safety, comfort, and privacy of your own home in only 1 minute. Once you’ve completed your swab, simply mail it back to our lab for analysis.

It takes our lab 10 – 15 days to process your results and generate/deliver your personalised plans after the swab is received at the lab. The total time it takes from purchasing for your results to be delivered to you varies based on the amount of time it takes for the postage system to deliver you your kit, and then to deliver your swab back to our lab for analysis.

All our kits are simple to complete and follow the same procedure.

Firstly, you’ll need to purchase your own kit online or in a participating pharmacy.

Once you’ve received your kit, be sure not to eat, drink or smoke for at least 30min before swabbing. Your kit will come with a swab (enclosed in a protective pouch), barcode and personal details slip, instructions, and reply-paid envelope.

To collect your DNA, all you’ll need to do is remove the swab from its pouch then swab the inside of your mouth by rubbing the swab over your cheek for 30 seconds on each side of your mouth.

Once you’ve swabbed your mouth, fill out your details on the barcode sheet and attach the sticker onto your swab tube. Be sure to register your barcode in the myDNA Unlocked App or online if it’s a medications kit. Then all that’s left is to place it into the reply-paid envelope and mail it back to our lab for analysis.

Swab, register, send – it’s that easy!

myDNA Personalised Wellness
A myDNA Personalised Wellness Test Kit currently costs $99.00. Completing this kit will provide you with insights into Nutrition, Fitness, Caffeine, B Vitamins, Sleep, and more. Plus, receive 30 days free premium membership.

myDNA Medications
A single category test kit is a once-off purchase costing $99. A multi-category test kit is a once-off purchase that costs $149. The medication categories available are mental health, pain, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular medications.

Personalised Wellness

For myDNA Personalised Wellness Test Kits, results are delivered to you directly in the myDNA Unlocked app. This allows you to access all of your insights, recommendations, and other content both at home and on the go.

The myDNA Unlocked app was designed specially to deliver everything you need to improve your daily routine, all in the one place. This includes your insights, educational & motivational content, and Premium features such as meal and workout plans.

At this point in time, we do not provide reports in pdf or hard-copy format for Personalised Wellness tests.

You can download the myDNA Unlocked app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Personalised Medications

After completing a Personalised Medications test, your results will be sent directly to your nominated healthcare professional for them to review and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plans.

Initially, you will need to book a consultation with your healthcare professional to interpret and discuss your results. After this consultation, your healthcare professional will release your results and they will become accessible via the myDNA online portal, where you can refer to them at any point in future.

Due to TGA restrictions, we cannot release your results directly to you. You must nominate a healthcare professional and book a consultation before your results are released online.

Adding a myDNA Premium Membership to your Personalised Wellness Kit will give you everything you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes and start achieving your goals. It’s your very own personal trainer, nutritionist, and more at a fraction of the cost.

As a member, you’ll receive daily personalised meal and workout plans designed with your DNA and goals in mind. These are delivered in the myDNA Unlocked app alongside your DNA insights to help you work with your DNA results.

Meal plans are all inclusive, taking into account breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This makes sure your caloric and macronutrient intakes are perfectly calculated throughout each day.

Workout plans also provide home and gym plans, meaning you can get all the benefits of your DNA Fitness insights without evening needing a gym membership. Each exercise comes with a video form guide, ensuring whether you’re at home or in the gym, you’re exercising safely and effectively.

By setting your goals and adding your lifestyle factors (height, weight, activity levels), we’ll tailor your meals and workouts specifically to give you the best chance of achieving your health goals. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, tone, lose weight, or just improve your cardio, your plan will be perfectly suited to your genetic makeup.

As a member, you’ll also receive frequent guidance on how you can focus on the aspects of your health that are most important to you. Whether you’re interested in fitness, sleep, bone health, or more, get specific, actionable information on how to use your DNA to feel your best.

No, our subscriptions are optional.

After purchasing a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit, you will need to create a myDNA account so you can link your DNA sample to your account. This account will grant you access to the myDNA Unlocked App. All our content including insights and plans are delivered in this app.

You can optionally choose to add a myDNA Premium membership to your account when signing up. You will not be charged for this membership until your free period expires.

30 days free membership is included in every Personalised Wellness Kit. If you only wish to obtain your initial DNA insights, there is no obligation to subscribe.

You can unsubscribe at any point during your Premium Membership. Even if you unsubscribe, you will keep any insights you gained during your membership period. You will also be able to continue enjoying Premium features until the end of the billing cycle (when your Membership is due to renew).

myDNA Medications Kits do not require any form of subscription, however you will still need an account to access your results via the online portal.

Even if you unsubscribe, you’ll still get to keep your insights and any information you’ve been delivered during your membership. You’ll still be able to use the myDNA Unlocked app to view your results and insights at any point in the future, regardless of your membership status.

If you unsubscribe, you will no longer have any access to the meal plans, workout plans, or explore section of the app. You will also not receive any more insights or new content while your membership is disabled.

Our clinical team have a rich history in genetics, bioinformatics, nutrigenomics, and pharmacogenomics.  Between them, they have over a century’s worth of combined experience, and have analysed thousands of peer-reviewed and academic papers.

We’ve done extensive research across thousands of peer-reviewed studies, and the evidence suggests your DNA does play a part in how your body responds to foods, exercise, vitamins, medication and more. We have a list of clinical references available here. To ensure only the strongest evidence is used, we use an evidence rating scale based on guidelines set by the Oxford Centre for Evidence Based Medicine.

The myDNA test is not a silver bullet solution to your health and wellness. However, with our DNA insights and plans, you will have everything you need to make sense of your genetics and put you on a path to achieving your goals.

We provide information on a range of commonly prescribed medications and indicate to your nominated healthcare professional whether there is anything additional they should be aware of when prescribing them.

Unfortunately, due to regulations set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), we are unable to publicly disclose or advertise the exact list of medications covered by testing. Our tests cover certain medications from categories such as mental health, pain, gastrointestinal, and cardiovascular medications.

If you are concerned about specific medications, please contact us.

You can purchase a myDNA Medications Kit online here.

Privacy and security are one of our top concerns at myDNA. We firmly believe your DNA and data are your property. All data, including your DNA results and personal information are stored on highly secure and encrypted servers and are not shared with anyone else.

After completing your swab analysis, your swab will be stored in our secure vault at -84°C to prevent it from spoiling. We keep your sample in case new evidence becomes available and we need to re-run your sample for more analysis in future. However, you are free to request your sample be disposed of at any point. Our lab will securely and safely destroy your sample.

For our analysis, we only examine the genes and markers which are required to deliver our insights and plans. This means your results will not include factors like disease risk and remain anonymous (they cannot be used to personally identify you). None of our testing has any bearing on your insurance and will not be shared with other companies or third parties.

For more information, check out our privacy policy.

Hungry for more?

Download our FREE guide today and understand the secrets to long-lasting healthy habits hidden inside your DNA.

Your privacy is important to us. We promise to keep your email address safe, and will not share it with any third parties.

You can read our Privacy Policy here.

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