Personalised Wellness DNA Test


Personalise your daily routine with DNA insights into your body’s nutrition, fitness, caffeine and more.

Kit includes:

  • DNA swab
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Unique activation code
  • Reply paid envelope for your DNA swab.

Reply paid envelope for your DNA swab only valid in Australia. International customers will need to pay for the swab to be returned to the lab.

SKU: SI-MY-0129


Personalise your daily routine with 30+ DNA insights covering fat burning, weight regain, training styles, injury prevention, caffeine & sleep, bone health, heart health, B vitamins + more.

All it takes is a simple at-home DNA cheek swab to discover your genetic blueprint and feel better than ever.

What’s included?

  • DNA collection kit, including your at home cheek swab – the key to your personalised wellness experience
  • DNA Lab analysis at our state-of-the-art laboratory located in Melbourne, Australia
  • DNA Insights into Fat Storage, Fat Burning, Appetite, Weight Regain, Power, Endurance, Injury Risk, Stamina, Recovery, Caffeine Metabolism, Caffeine’s Effect on Sleep, Wrinkles, Age Spots, Heart Health, Bone Health , B Vitamins, Sleep Disturbance and more!
  • Access to the myDNA Unlocked smartphone app to examine your DNA Insights from anywhere – a lifetime blueprint for managing your health and wellness
  • Discover scientifically backed information to help you understand your unique body

Product recommended for 18+. 13–18 year olds will need parental consent. Not recommended for people under 13 years old.


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