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Don’t guess.<br>Ask your DNA.

Don’t guess.
Ask your DNA.

One simple test can reveal how your body
will uniquely respond to the medicines you take,
to what you eat and drink, and to how you exercise.
Find the answers hidden in your DNA.

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You are unique, your medication should be too

Your unique genetic profile determines how your body processes certain medications.

Some people process certain medications too quickly and receive little or no benefit. Others process some medications too slowly and have an increased risk of dangerous side effects.

The myDNA Medication reports can help your doctor personalise your treatment by selecting the medications and doses that may work better for you.

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Taking the test is easy

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Get Tested

myDNA uses a simple cheek swab to analyse your genetic profile. The test can be ordered by visiting an accredited pharmacy.

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Lab Analysis

Our lab analyses your DNA sample. Our clinical team interpret the results and create a personalised report.

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Your personalised myDNA report will be shared with your nominated healthcare professionals.

Graphic for Online Access

Online Access

Your results will be stored on myDNA Explore and new relevant information will be provided as it becomes available.