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Are your patient'smedications rightfor them?

myDNA can help you tailor
your patient's medications to
suit their unique genetic profile


Some aspects of our genetics are plain for all to see. You don’t need a test to tell you whether you have brown eyes. But other aspects are hidden and can only be discovered through scientific analysis.

Sometimes a standard dose of medicine or a certain diet will work well for one person but not for another. By studying your genes, we can find some of the explanation for these differences.

When we analyse your DNA sample we look at variations in your genes that are hard-wired into your body. These have an impact on how you break down medications or food.

Our reports provide information that can help your healthcare professional to tailor your medication, diet and nutrition, to your genetic profile. This personalised approach helps to deliver the best possible health outcomes.


Since the 1980s, Associate Professor Leslie Sheffield has been at the forefront of research into pharmacogenomics. He was amongst the first to see the potential to improve treatment outcomes by considering the way that a person metabolises drugs.

After many years of research, in 2007 he started myDNA and began offering genetic testing with clinical interpretation to personalise how people take medication.

Today our team combines pharmacologists with molecular and clinical geneticists. They work together to provide expert genetic interpretation and to explain its relevance to the individual and their referring doctor.


For more information about how you can offer myDNA in your pharmacy, please contact us on:

phone: 1-844-472-7896
email: info.canada@mydna.life