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Don’t guess.
Ask your DNA.

Our tests can reveal how your body will uniquely respond to some medicines, what you eat and drink, and how you exercise.

We’re helping move healthcare from offering solutions that work for most people, to finding out what will work specifically for you. Less ‘one-size-fits-all’ advice, more that’s tailored to fit your body.

It’s personalized health.

Start to uncover the answers in your DNA.

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Your DNA, Our Expertise

myDNA is a genetic interpretation company that decodes the information in your genes to help you to live better.

Our clinical team consists of pharmacists, molecular and clinical geneticists, researchers, genetic counsellors and sports dieticians. It is led by Associate Professor Leslie Sheffield, who has been at the forefront of genetic research since the 1980s.

Our experts work together to provide genetic interpretation and to explain its relevance, in a form that you can easily understand. This can help you, and your healthcare professional, to make more informed decisions about which medications may work best. We can also help you decide which diet may be best suited to your body.

Our personalised reports have lifelong relevance and can help provide a blueprint for managing health and wellness.

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Swab, register, send

It couldn’t be simpler. Swab the inside of your cheek and make sure your DNA sample is registered online..

Mail it to us using the prepaid envelope inside your kit. Then our laboratory will analyze your sample.

We’ll let you know when your report is ready. You will have ongoing access to your results on the
Explore myDNA portal.

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Trusted Results

The personalized recommendations found in each myDNA report are based on a thorough review of relevant worldwide scientific literature related to your genes. Our team of experts interpret findings from these studies and simplify the information in a user friendly, actionable format.

This credible interpretation makes all the difference. myDNA will only report on actionable genetic findings that have a high degree of scientific credibility, and have been reviewed and signed off by the myDNA Scientific Team.

Each report includes a section specifically compiled for healthcare professionals. This provides an evidence rating system and clinical references. This means you can share your personal results with your Doctor, Dietitian, Nutritionist, or even your personal trainer, to seek further advice. We welcome enquiries from your healthcare professional and even have accredited online education available for them upon request.

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Under Lock and Key

myDNA will interpret and provide a personalized report for the genetic myDNA test requested by you or your healthcare professional only. Your reports and genetic data are your property. Any results generated remain strictly confidential and will not be shared with any third parties without your consent. Privacy and data security protocols are fundamental to the myDNA technology platform.

Genetic Privacy

Did you know Genetic Privacy is a Right in Canada?

Bill S-201, known as the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act, expressly prohibits individuals from being forced to disclose the results of any genetic test they have taken or may take in the future. Insurers and employers cannot ask for the results of any genetic tests. You also do not have to disclose any information that you found out as a result of genetic testing to any current or potential employer or insurer.

The Canadian Human Rights Code has been amended to expressly prohibit any form of discrimination on the basis of genetic characteristics.

While we don’t conduct any risk-based disease testing or have any plans to do so, it is important for you to know your rights when it comes to your genetic information.