You’ve inherited more than just your good looks from mom and dad! Your DNA also contains a scientifically proven blueprint for getting better results. We look for specific genetic variations to deliver actionable insights that power the right meal and fitness plan for your unique body.

Personalize every aspect of your health and fitness

We combine your genetic analysis with global, peer-reviewed evidence to deliver the tools you need to manage your wellness goals.

Our tests can cover everything from discovering your body’s unique needs and responses to nutrients and exercise,  helping you slow down skin aging or enjoying personalized meal and fitness plans based on your DNA and lifestyle. Read More

DNA Health & Fitness Testing

Are you tired of trying out all the fad diets? Feeling low on energy? Frustrated that no matter what you try, you can’t quite reach your wellness goals? You’ve downloaded every app, tried out every healthy eating cookery book and cut out all carbs and treats. There’s so much out there in terms of health, diet, exercise and wellbeing but nothing feels like it was made especially for you. This is where we come in, our DNA health kits will lead you to a tailored program. We take your genetic profile and use the wonders of science to formulate exactly what you need, focussing on elements in your eating habits and fitness routines that you may have  never noticed or considered. With our experts and their extensive research you’ll unlock the power of your DNA.

Accomplish Your Goals With Our DNA and Health Test

We have revolutionized traditional health plans. Instead of providing generic healthy meal plans and a series of random workouts, we look deep into what your body actually needs. Have you ever wondered what percentage of each food group you need? Do you often blame yourself for not being able to lose weight when really it’s down to your genetics? We can help with all of these obstacles. Our DNA analysis for health is a team effort too. Not only do we harness the knowledge of renowned peers, but our fully qualified team includes forerunners of genomics to expert nutritionists. Our body of specialists work in unison to put together individualistic, life changing DNA weight loss plans all just for you; based off your special set of genes.

Our cutting edge tests help you go beyond losing a few pounds or improving your fitness. You’ll see how you can reach new heights with our DNA testing for health and fitness because we give you tools to maintain your results for life. You’ll age, maybe relocate, take up new hobbies or change your appearance but your genes never ever change, they’re the very basis of all that you are

Why turn to myDNA Fitness for this Lifestyle Change?

The importance of eating well and exercising adequately is consistently driven into us from an early age. However, we’re all built so differently, so why are we all given the same advice? That’s why we came into existence. To make a real difference and help people understand their bodies in a way in which they can make effective changes, cutting out the guesswork while we’re at it. Our combined efforts result in a plan which captures DNA fitness and nutrition tips all in one report, ready to access whenever you like on our app and is grounded in the insight of several experts.

myDNA gives you the opportunity to make empowered health and lifestyle choices that are suited to you, because they’re backed by the world’s best nutrigenetic research. The studies that power your meal & fitness plans must meet the most stringent criteria, like they must be based on multiple case control studies of >1000 people. This means you can follow a DNA diet plan that is backed by the strongest evidence about the specific DNA you inherited. All our plans are curated by our clinical experts who have a combined 120 years of experience between them,  so you can rest assured that you’re in the best hands.

There’s no longer any need to work it out for yourself – with myDNA all the thinking is all done for you. It’s time to unlock the power of your DNA and look forward to a lifetime of better choices.

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How to unlock the secrets of your DNA

It couldn’t be simpler. Purchase one of our DNA tests, swab the inside of your cheek, register and send your DNA sample. We’ll then send you everything you need to turn your DNA insights into action.

Swab Your Cheek

Register Your Sample

Action Your Plans

Turning your DNA insights into action

All our products deliver easily understood, relevant and applicable insights and recommendations to help our members live their lives to the fullest.

Our Nutrition & Fitness product takes this to the next level by combining your genetic profile with additional lifestyle inputs (age, gender, goals and more) to personalize the perfect meal and fitness plans for your body.


Your Genetic Profile


Your Lifestyle Inputs

(age, gender, weight, height, activity levels, goals)


Personalized Meal & Fitness plans


NATA Accredited

Global Alliance for Genomics & Health

All plans created by our clinical experts

The Insights and Recommendations found in each myDNA plan are delivered through our clinical team’s proprietary algorithms, combining your genetic insights with years of evidence from scientific literature.

Our Team of Scientific Experts

120+ Years of combined experience

Our Team of Scientific Experts

100+ Papers published

Our Team of Scientific Experts

5,000+ Research publications received

Our Team of Scientific Experts

5 myDNA Clinical Studies

with leading public hospitals improving care and reducing costs

“myDNA’s analysis and recommendations help to avoid a lot of the trial, error and time it takes to perfect a nutrition plan. Armed with this information it’s even easier to eat well, move more and live a truly balanced lifestyle!”

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Join Luke and thousands of others
enjoying their personal best

Celebrity Trainer and founder of Training Mate, Luke Milton, loves the power of the information provided by myDNA.

“My big thing is that information is power […] and there’s nothing more powerful than the information we get from myDNA.”

Want to know more?

myDNA is a personalised genomics company based in Australia that helps people understand the secrets of their DNA and what to do with that knowledge. Our vision is to be the world’s most trusted provider of personalised, actionable, genetic information.

Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions we are experiencing some delays to postage and logistics. This is causing unpredictable delivery times (both for kits to customers and DNA samples into our lab) and has resulted in bulk deliveries to our lab.

We ask for your patience during these extraordinary circumstances.

A strict quality assurance process combined with state of the art laboratory facilities allows us to control reliability and validity of our tests, of which we comfortably boast 99% accuracy.

Our clinical team includes pharmacologists, molecular and clinical geneticists, researchers, genetic counsellors, nutritionists and dietitians. We pride ourselves on giving our customers recommendations based on the most credible evidence-based, peer reviewed research.

Once you receive your test kit, you simply need to open it up and swab your cheek following the instructions on the box. After this, fill out and attach the label and then activate your sample. Once activated, you can post your sample back to us!

Taking the test is easy. It only takes a few minutes for you to swab and register.

Our laboratory is based in Melbourne, Australia and the delivery time for sending your sample back can vary based on location. Once we’ve received your DNA sample, it takes our lab and scientific team 10 to 15 working days to process your results and send your insights and plans back to you.

myDNA uses the latest software and information technology systems to ensure your data will never be released to a third party without your consent. You have access to your results in your myDNA Portal, and can share this with future health professionals.

myDNA stores test results in a secure environment and will not disclose records without your consent. For more details, please see our privacy policy.

Two of the most common ways to extract DNA is via blood or a cheek swab. A cheek swab, which myDNA uses, allows you to collect cheek cells for DNA analysis. The results from swabs or blood samples are exactly the same, however there are differences in how the two samples are processed.

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