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It can be so disheartening to look down at the scales and see no change – or worst still, the dial going upwards. We understand that deflating feeling of trying everything and meanwhile, we see lean yummy mummies in magazines, friends with toned tummies and bulging muscles and Insta stars with all year-round beach bods. We think, if it’s worked for them, then why not for me?!

Nutrition Insights

Appetite & Weight
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Fat Burning & Weight
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Body Size & Weight Regain
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Fat Storage
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Fitness Insights

Power vs Endurance
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Injury Risk
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Plus, the longer you’re a member, the more you’ll unlock.

As long as you’re a member, new DNA insights are regularly released to help you feel and look your best.

Ongoing insights include:

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B Vitamins
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Bone Health
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How it works

It’s quick, easy, and non-invasive to complete.

a diagram of a table with a test kit, swab, and myDNA Unlocked app on a phone

Swab your cheek

Complete the non-invasive cheek swab in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own home.

a diagram of a woman activating her barcode in the myDNA Unlocked App

Activate your barcode

Activate your barcode to link your sample to your account, then mail it back to our lab for analysis.

a diagram of scientists in a laboratory

Lab analysis

Our team of scientists and lab technicians analyze your sample and generate your reports.

a diagram of a woman running, turning her insights into action

Turn insights into action

Use your new understanding of your DNA to personalize and improve your lifestyle.

Gain More Knowledge about Your Body and Lose Weight with Your DNA

At myDNA, we have created a custom weight loss DNA test that takes you as its case study. Instead of having to go through hundreds of yo-yo diets, gym routines and fitness regimes we do your genetic fitness test to use your genetics to personalize your very own DNA diet plan. You’ll experience optimization in your overall wellbeing and embark on a path to consistently maintain your desired weight.

Unlock your own personalized plan

Just cover the DNA Lab Analysis, then your first 30 days are on us.

Get 30 days free, then less than 50c a day.

DNA Lab analysis

+ $12.95 /month
Ongoing plans + new insights

Cancel any time and keep your insights for life.

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Our Wondrous Weight Management DNA Test is Fast, Simple and Life Changing

Why lose weight? Perhaps, there’s a history of heart disease or diabetes in your family. Maybe, it’s affecting your mental health. Or, you just really want to fit in those jeans that you’ve hidden in the back of the wardrobe. There’s no reason too big or small to lose weight if you believe that it’s something that’ll improve your health and make you feel better.

DNA weight loss is effective because it zooms in on the functions of your genes to work out exactly what you need to do to shed weight. It establishes your genes’ abilities and limitations, and from there our team of reputable nutritionists and DNA fitness coaches can put together the best possible plan for you.

We’ve packed everything you need into our weight management DNA test kit, so that you’ll be able to start a fruitful yet also, sustainable and realistic process.

You’ll not only save time finding the right diet for you, but the whole procedure is quick and it couldn’t be easier to get started! A swab of your cheek and some details about your lifestyle and goals are all that’s required.

Get the most out of your DNA with personalized meal plans

Achieve your goals with meals that suit your genetics.

With DNA-powered meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, you’ll have everything you need for the easiest meal planning you’ll ever do. Get the body you want, without going hungry.

Everything is designed to help you achieve your goals

All our plans, recommendations and insights are tailored specifically to your goals and unique body.

Progress tracking, energy checks, and motivational content will keep you on top of your weight, energy and personal milestones.

Choose a path that is uniquely yours.

Why Our Weight Loss DNA Kit is Worth Your While

We get that every time you invest in a weight loss program, it means putting yourself out there again and dedicating hours to trying something new. That’s why we’ve based our entire ideology, processes, recipes and fitness regimes around evidence-based science, factual information and done so with an evidence rating system.

Since our foundation in 2007, we’ve watched how providing people with their DNA profiles and personalized nutrition plans has helped to transform their lives. Real people just like us, just like you, who want to better understand their unique selves. Don’t waste any more time floundering, second-guessing and getting left in the dark.

Read our testimonials, delve into our website and ask us anything about our DNA weight loss methodology. We’ll be glad to give you all the information, facts and details you need. Join us to learn more about yourself than ever before, we’re right here, waiting to help you lose weight, be healthy and most importantly, happy.

DNA-powered workouts you can do at home or the gym

Workout where you want, when you want.

Get a personalized workout routine, tailored to your goals, ideal weight, and DNA. With home workout options included, you’ll be able to start achieving your goals from the comfort of your own home.

It doesn’t get more personalized than this

We make sure every plan is perfect for your unique DNA and lifestyle. No one else gives you this much value in a single test.

DNA Tests

Fitness Apps

Meal Plans


DNA Insights
Backed by science & research
Fitness Plans
Video Form Guides
Progress Tracking
Meal Plans & recipes
Personalized Plans Based on your Height/Age/Weight
Personalized Plans Based on your DNA
Personalized Plans Based on your Goals
Ongoing New Content & Insights
Your Data Remains Your Property
Ancestry, Allergies & Disease Risk

Member reviews

Verified reviews from our members on Trustpilot, one of the world’s most trusted sources of customer reviews.

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars

“Now, at 54 years old I have an answer.”

I have had love handles since I was a kid but now, at 54 years old I have an answer. I need to be very careful with my food portions If I want to stay lean. For many years I was looking for an answer and with a myDNA test I understood my problem. Besides this, it is a very affordable cost… congratulations.

Eric Pintueles

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars

“A tool for self care.”

myDNA has been very informative regarding my health, and gives you the chance to change both diet and exercise. Along with continuing updates as more information about our genetic makeup is discovered. Highly recommended.

Suzanne Crosskey

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars

“A trusted and informative approach.”

myDNA provided me with vital genetic information specific to my dietary, exercise, supplement and anti-aging needs. I can confidently implement all the recommendations to ensure I support my body the best way I can. I would highly recommend myDNA as an inclusion in your health and well-being regime.


Ready to unlock the power of your DNA?

Your first 30 days are on us.

DNA Lab analysis

+ $12.95 /month
Ongoing plans + new insights

Cancel any time and keep your insights for life.

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