Optimize your training and health with a personalized DNA Exercise, Diet & Nutrition, and Lifestyle DNA Test

Your DNA provides a blueprint for what kinds of exercise your body is best suited to. Personalize your routine with an exercise plan tailored specifically to your genetics.

We’ll help you optimize more than just your fitness to truly personalize your health. Here are just some of the 30+ insights you’ll receive with your initial results.  Read More

DNA Exercise Test USA

Some of us love to always be moving, going for walks, hiking, playing sports and dancing. However, our modern day lives sweep us up and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with exercising activities. Furthermore, there are so many gyms, classes, videos, personal trainers, retreats, apps and podcasts that it can seem impossible to know where to start. Also, what if you pay for that 12 week program that just doesn’t end up working for you? The idea behind our DNA based workouts is we dive into your gene profile and see what training style and exercises will benefit you most, saving you time, money, energy and effort.

Our DNA Workout Test Does All the Hard Work for You

Imagine having all the exercise you need in one place, with tips and advice that is especially for you and your special genetic makeup. We will streamline your fitness routine making it as effective as possible, focusing on exactly what your body needs in order for you to keep fit and reach those personal goals.

We welcome all people of all fitness levels and the aim of our program is to show you what you’re truly made for. myDNA recognizes that we’re not all the same and whilst some of us are built to run marathons, others are made to pump weights, and for others, both speed and endurance come naturally. We’ll show you that you don’t need to follow every single exercise video, that instead there’s an ultimate series of DNA based workouts just for you that will get you right where you want to be.

Health and fitness are such important parts of our lives; they impact our mood, happiness and longevity. Once you consider your DNA with respect to your fitness habits you will be able to maximize your results and work towards a healthier and more fulfilling relationship with exercise, improving your overall wellbeing. Basic, inquisitive human nature means we always want to know more about ourselves. Let us satisfy that curiosity and unlock your body’s secrets. We’ll reveal what you can’t see but what’s right there inside you.

How Understanding Your DNA Can Help You Get Fit

Ever wondered if a DNA workout test existed? A test that could understand your unique body and help you level up your fitness?

DNA is what makes you unique, and could be the reason why some fitness regimes will work better for some compared to others.

This need for personalization when it comes to health and wellness is at the heart of our business and DNA exercise test recommendations. With a passion for understanding how you, as an individual, function, Furthermore, we give you actionable DNA insights that will help you become your healthiest and happiest self.

Pioneers of DNA-Based Solutions

Much of the early research which now goes into our DNA workout test recommendations started with our co-founder, Associate Professor Les Sheffield, Australia’s first qualified clinical geneticist  who worked in clinical genetics and pharmacogenomics.

We have continued to expand into other areas of health and wellness, with the goal to create functional, science-based solutions for our members. One way we achieve this is through DNA based workouts for our customers and DNA based meal plans. Today, this approach has helped hundreds of people learn what workout training style and diet  they need to help them become their healthiest self.

Professional Laboratory Analysis

Our CAP and CLIA  accredited  laboratory delivers accurate DNA results regarding your health and fitness. It features state-of-the-art, fully automated equipment that is designed to analyze your DNA. Following up-to-date next-generation sequencing technology, we can then compile the data and put together your workout and diet based on your DNA results.

A DNA Exercise Test that Will Supercharge Your Fitness Routines

Our team is made up of leading professionals in their field who are dedicated and driven to eradicate guesswork for your members. Together, we have over 120+ years of experience; we’re NATA accredited and a member of the global alliance for genomics and health.

While the science and some terminology may be mind boggling, you won’t have to worry about getting caught up in any complicated jargon. Following a workout and diet based on DNA with us is about making genetic data readings understandable and relatable. We turn the complexities of science into real life, every day actionable DNA based diet plans that anyone of any educational background and lifestyle can easily adhere to.

Instead of having to seek out dozens of professionals, scroll through pages and pages of videos not knowing which will be the most fitting, we give you everything in one place. All you have to do is order our DNA exercise test, swab your cheek, and await your DNA insights and DNA powered plans.

If you like the sound of answers, results, expediency, efficiency and a workout that will work wonders for your body, get in touch with us. We’ll be delighted to talk your through our tests such as DNA health test, DNA nutrition test, weight loss DNA test and explain our processes.

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Power vs Endurance

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Fat Burning

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Caffeine Metabolism

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Injury Risk

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Fat Storage

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B Vitamins

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Heart Health

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Bone Health

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The testing process

It takes as little as 1 minute to complete at home.

a diagram of a table with a test kit, swab, and myDNA Unlocked app on a phone

Swab your cheek

Perform the non-invasive, painless cheek swab at home in comfort, privacy, and safety.

a diagram of a woman activating her barcode in the myDNA Unlocked App

Activate your barcode

Activate your sample with the provided barcode in our app, then send it back to our laboratory for testing.

a diagram of scientists in a laboratory

DNA analysis

Our highly qualified scientists and lab staff analyze your sample and create your results & results.

a diagram of a woman running, turning her insights into action

Turn results into fitness gains

Optimize and improve your training & health by implementing your insights from the myDNA Unlocked app.

Fitness insights in the palm of your hand

Your results are delivered within the myDNA Unlocked app, which means you can refer back to them any time, anywhere.

Plus, all your results and insights are yours to keep for life, allowing you to make ongoing informed health decisions. Purchase one kit and then make a lifetime of healthy choices.


Buy Online

a smiling woman holding up a phone with the myDNA Unlocked App
a smiling woman holding up a phone with the myDNA Unlocked App

Discover how DNA exercise, diet, sleep, vitamin, and caffeine insights can help you supercharge your daily exercise, and nutrition routines.

a group of people in sportswear sitting on the floor in a gym surrounded by equipment

DNA Exercise & Fitness

Want to start seeing results from your exercise and training? Our fitness insights will help you keep fit and healthy. Learn how to work with your DNA to make the most of your strengths and overcome your genetic weaknesses.

When you unlock exercise insights covering your injury risk, power to endurance ration, recovery ability, and stamina, you’ll discover an ideal training routine.

DNA Diet & Nutrition

Scientific studies have identified strong evidence that certain genes affect your body’s ability to store and burn fat, keep off excess weight after losing it, and even tendencies for snacking.

With myDNA, you can unlock your genetically ideal balance of protein, carbs, macronutrients, and healthy fats – a perfect DNA diet. Discover a diet designed specifically to help you reach your ideal weight through better food selection.

a woman smiling in the kitchen while grinding pepper into a large red pot
a husband and wife lying asleep in a blue bed together

DNA Sleep

Does your DNA suggest you’re more suited to mornings or evenings? Some genes can reveal not only if you’re a morning or evening person, but also your ideal sleep duration, likelihood of social jetlag, and more.

Understanding your body’s natural sleep needs will help you wake up feeling well rested in the morning after a night of sound sleep.

DNA Caffeine Tolerance

Does a coffee late in the day affect your ability to sleep? Or is a coffee first thing in the morning essential for you? Caffeine metabolism insights can help explain how your body reacts to caffeine.

Learn how much caffeine you should be drinking, how late in the day you can consume it, and more with personalized caffeine insights.

a man drinking coffee from a mug at a table with a vintage camera
a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit

Personalized Wellness Test Kit

Discover you ideal daily routine and reach your goals. Unlock insights into DNA Exercise, Diet & Nutrition, Vitamins, Sleep and more.

a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit

Our most comprehensive test ever.

Optimize your exercise and health with 30+ DNA insights covering training styles, injury prevention, fat burning, caffeine & sleep, B vitamins, heart health, weight regain, bone health + more.

Includes 30 days FREE Premium Membership.


Go above and beyond with your DNA insights

With myDNA Premium, get access to personalized meal and exercise plans powered by your DNA and goals.

With a 30 days included free Premium trial, discover daily meal plans, exercises & workouts with video guides, and DNA-based guidance to help you focus on your DNA and reach your goals. It’s everything you”l need to start turning your insights into fitness gains and visible results.

Unlock your very own PT and nutritionist, at a fraction of the cost.

No other test is more personalized

All plans are specifically tailored to your unique DNA and current lifestly. It doesn’t get any more personalized than this.

DNA Tests

Fitness Apps

Meal Plans

myDNA Premium

DNA Insights
Backed by science & research
Fitness Plans
Video Form Guides
Progress Tracking
Meal Plans & recipes
Personalized Plans Based on your Height/Age/Weight
Personalized Plans Based on your DNA
Personalized Plans Based on your Goals
Personalized DNA Guidance
Your Data Remains Your Property
Ancestry, Allergies & Disease Risk

Member reviews

Verified reviews from our members on Trustpilot, one of the world’s most trusted sources of customer reviews.

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars

“Now, at 54 years old I have an answer.”

I have had love handles since I was a kid but now, at 54 years old I have an answer. I need to be very careful with my food portions If I want to stay lean. For many years I was looking for an answer and with a myDNA test I understood my problem. Besides this, it is a very affordable cost… congratulations.

Eric Pintueles

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars

“A tool for self care.”

myDNA has been very informative regarding my health, and gives you the chance to change both diet and exercise. Along with continuing updates as more information about our genetic makeup is discovered. Highly recommended.

Suzanne Crosskey

Trustpilot Review score 5 out of 5 stars

“A trusted and informative approach.”

myDNA provided me with vital genetic information specific to my dietary, exercise, supplement and anti-aging needs. I can confidently implement all the recommendations to ensure I support my body the best way I can. I would highly recommend myDNA as an inclusion in your health and well-being regime.


a diagram of a lock and shield on a phone representing data security

Own your own data.

Your DNA should be yours, and only yours.

a diagram of a lock and shield on a phone representing data security

Privacy is our #1 concern. Our belief is that your DNA information is sacred, and shouldn’t be shared with any third parties. We store your data on highly secure, encrypted servers where it is anonymised and can’t be used to identify you. Our tests also will not be shared with insurers and have no impact on your health or insurance policies & premiums.

For more, check out our privacy policy.

Still have questions?

Completing the swab is simple, and can be completed in the safety, comfort, and privacy of your own home in only 1 minute. Once you’ve completed your swab, simply mail it back to our lab for analysis.

It takes our lab 10 – 15 days to process your results and generate/deliver your personalized plans after the swab is received at the lab. The total time it takes from purchasing for your results to be delivered to you varies based on the amount of time it takes for the postage system to deliver you your kit, and then to deliver your swab back to our lab for analysis.

All our kits are simple to complete and follow the same procedure.

Firstly, you’ll need to purchase your own kit online.

Once you’ve received your kit, be sure not to eat, drink or smoke for at least 30min before swabbing. Your kit will come with a swab (enclosed in a protective pouch), barcode and personal details slip, instructions, and reply-paid envelope.

To collect your DNA, all you’ll need to do is remove the swab from its pouch then swab the inside of your mouth by rubbing the swab over your cheek for 30 seconds on each side of your mouth.

Once you’ve swabbed your mouth, fill out your details on the barcode sheet and attach the sticker onto your swab tube. Be sure to register your barcode in the myDNA Unlocked App. Then all that’s left is to place it into the reply-paid envelope and mail it back to our lab for analysis.

Swab, register, send – it’s that easy!

myDNA Personalized Wellness
A myDNA Personalized Wellness Test Kit currently costs $99.00. Completing this kit will provide you with insights into Nutrition, Fitness, Caffeine, B Vitamins, Sleep, and more. Plus, receive 30 days free premium membership.


myDNA Premium
After your free trial period, you will need a myDNA Premium plan to continue to receive all the benefits of a Premium membership. We currently have 2 plans available for premium membership.

  • A monthly plan costs $5.99 /month after your free trial period finishes.
  • Alternatively, you can choose a 3-monthly membership and only pay $5.99 /month, saving 0% a month on your membership cost ($17.97 billed every 3 months).

Adding a myDNA Premium Membership to your Personalized Wellness Kit will give you everything you need to make sustainable lifestyle changes and start achieving your goals. It’s your very own personal trainer, nutritionist, and more at a fraction of the cost.

As a member, you’ll receive daily personalized meal and workout plans designed with your DNA and goals in mind. These are delivered in the myDNA Unlocked app alongside your DNA insights to help you work with your DNA results.

Meal plans are all inclusive, taking into account breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. This makes sure your caloric and macronutrient intakes are perfectly calculated throughout each day.

Workout plans also provide home and gym plans, meaning you can get all the benefits of your DNA Fitness insights without evening needing a gym membership. Each exercise comes with a video form guide, ensuring whether you’re at home or in the gym, you’re exercising safely and effectively.

By setting your goals and adding your lifestyle factors (height, weight, activity levels), we’ll tailor your meals and workouts specifically to give you the best chance of achieving your health goals. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, tone, lose weight, or just improve your cardio, your plan will be perfectly suited to your genetic makeup.

As a member, you’ll also receive frequent guidance on how you can focus on the aspects of your health that are most important to you. Whether you’re interested in fitness, sleep, bone health, or more, get specific, actionable information on how to use your DNA to feel your best.

No, our subscriptions are optional.

After purchasing a myDNA Personalized Wellness Kit, you will need to create a myDNA account so you can link your DNA sample to your account. This account will grant you access to the myDNA Unlocked App. All our content including insights and plans are delivered in this app.

You can optionally choose to add a myDNA Premium membership to your account when signing up. You will not be charged for this membership until your free period expires.

30 days free membership is included in every Personalized Wellness Kit. If you only wish to obtain your initial DNA insights, there is no obligation to subscribe.

You can unsubscribe at any point during your Premium Membership. Even if you unsubscribe, you will keep any insights you gained during your membership period. You will also be able to continue enjoying Premium features until the end of the billing cycle (when your Membership is due to renew).

Even if you unsubscribe, you’ll still get to keep your insights and any information you’ve been delivered during your membership. You’ll still be able to use the myDNA Unlocked app to view your results and insights at any point in the future, regardless of your membership status.

If you unsubscribe, you will no longer have any access to the meal plans, workout plans, or explore section of the app. You will also not receive any more insights or new content while your membership is disabled.

Our clinical team have a rich history in genetics, bioinformatics, nutrigenomics, and pharmacogenomics.  Between them, they have over a century’s worth of combined experience, and have analyzed thousands of peer-reviewed and academic papers.

We’ve done extensive research across thousands of peer-reviewed studies, and the evidence suggests your DNA does play a part in how your body responds to foods, exercise, vitamins, medication and more. We have a list of clinical references available here. To ensure only the strongest evidence is used, we use an evidence rating scale based on guidelines set by the Oxford Center for Evidence Based Medicine.

The myDNA test is not a silver bullet solution to your health and wellness. However, with our DNA insights and plans, you will have everything you need to make sense of your genetics and put you on a path to achieving your goals.

Privacy and security are one of our top concerns at myDNA. We firmly believe your DNA and data are your property. All data, including your DNA results and personal information are stored on highly secure and encrypted servers and are not shared with anyone else.

After completing your swab analysis, your swab will be stored in our secure vault at -84°C to prevent it from spoiling. We keep your sample in case new evidence becomes available and we need to re-run your sample for more analysis in future. However, you are free to request your sample be disposed of at any point. Our lab will securely and safely destroy your sample.

For our analysis, we only examine the genes and markers which are required to deliver our insights and plans. This means your results will not include factors like disease risk and remain anonymous (they cannot be used to personally identify you). None of our testing has any bearing on your insurance and will not be shared with other companies or third parties.

For more information, check out our privacy policy.

Ready to unlock the power of your DNA?

Discover health & wellness your way with your own myDNA Personalized Wellness kit.


Plus receive 30 days Premium Membership FREE.

Buy once and keep your insights for life.

Hungry for more?

Download our FREE guide today and understand the secrets to long-lasting healthy habits hidden inside your DNA.

Your privacy is important to us. We promise to keep your email address safe, and will not share it with any third parties.

You can read our Privacy Policy here.

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