Terms & Conditions

Before submitting your DNA sample for testing with MyDNA Life (“myDNA”) we require your clear affirmative consent, which must be freely given, specific, informed and unambiguous.

By clicking that you consent you understand:

What myDNA Life does:

  • myDNA Life is a genetic interpretation company that provides personalised DNA reports to help you make more informed health and wellness decision;
  • myDNA Life will extract DNA from the sample (a cheek swab) provided to perform DNA testing. In some cases, an additional sample may be required if the volume or quality of the sample is not adequate;
  • myDNA Life will initially interpret and provide a personalised report only for the myDNA Life test(s) you and/or your healthcare professional requested;
  • myDNA will make your results available to you on a secure online portal;
  • myDNA will only report on actionable genetic findings that have a high degree of scientific credibility which have been reviewed and signed off by the myDNA scientific team. Anything that falls out of this scope will not be reviewed or reported;
  • For more detailed information on the genes we test for and the scientific studies please visit www.myDNA.life

What myDNA Life does not do:

  • The information supplied to you does replace any information provided by a healthcare professional or practitioner. myDNA does not undertake DNA testing specifically relating to diseases, disease risk or cancer.
  • If you have any specific concerns related to your own personal health then please consult with a qualified physician, doctor or genetic counsellor.
  • The myDNA report may not cover all medications/nutritional supplements that you may be taking.

Data processing and protection

  • MyDNA Life being a registered organisation in the United Kingdom will take reasonable measures to keep your information safe in accordance with the principles under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as a minimum standard. We expect our contracted third party processors to meet the same level of protection and where we interact with users, partners and service providers in other territories, we will observe other global data protection requirements provided we continue to meet our obligations under GDPR.
  • Your information will only be shared with third parties contracted to undertake necessary processing on behalf of MyDNA Life and may take place in or outside the EU. Our third parties regardless of territory will be contractually committed to comply with our policies and data protection obligations. We will maintain control of data shared with our third party service providers and will not permit them to further use your information for any other purpose than as instructed by us.
  • We will ask you to give us personal information as detailed in the Privacy Policy for account registration, user verification and service delivery. We rely on the accuracy of information and while we do our best to ensure the information we hold is up to date, we ask that you contact us if any of your information changes.
  • Your reports and genetic data will be treated as your property and will never be disclosed or shared with third parties including your insurance company and employer.
  • Your information and results will be kept in strict accordance with the myDNA Privacy Policy.

Additional Testing or Reporting

  • In the future, when new genetic testing or reporting is available, with your consent, myDNA may perform additional testing on your sample.
  • myDNA may communicate with you about new genetic findings and offer you the opportunity for further testing and analysis. You will be able to opt out of receiving further genetic information at any time.
  • myDNA may analyse your deidentified results for evaluation, research and marketing purposes.


  • Your personal and genetic information will be stored on our secure database all the time your account remains active or until such a time that we decide it is no longer required. You may request for us to close your account at any time and request for your data to be deleted.
  • Accounts will be closed within 30 days upon request. All Genetic Information will be deleted from your account and the MyDNA Life database except data required to meet legal or regulatory obligations. You may request details on the data that we must retain.

Children’s privacy

  • This service is not intended for or directed to persons under the age of 18.
  • By clicking that you consent, you consent that you are 18 years of age or older, and any sample you provide is either your DNA, or the DNA of a person for whom you are a parent or legal guardian, or have obtained legal authorisation to provide their DNA to myDNA.

Further information

  • You have been offered the opportunity to ask questions and you are aware you can contact myDNA on 0808 189 0079 to speak with a genetic expert.