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Our Story

Our story

myDNA is an Australian genetics company that decodes the information in our genes to help us live better.

Through our easy-to-access tests, we help Australians make informed decisions about which medications are best for them, which foods they may not digest well, and the impact of lifestyle factors such as alcohol, coffee and exercise. Results can be reviewed individually, or in consultation with a doctor.

The personalised test results have lifelong relevance and can help provide a blueprint for managing health, wellness, and to help people live better.

Our company was founded in 2007 by Associate Professor Les Sheffield who is a pioneer in the field of genetics.


Our expertise

Since the 1980s, Associate Professor Leslie Sheffield has been at the forefront of research into pharmacogenomics. He was amongst the first to see the potential to improve treatment outcomes by taking into account the way that a person metabolises drugs.

After many years of research, in 2007 he started myDNA (previously known as GenesFX) and began offering genetic testing with clinical interpretation to personalise how people take medication.

Today our team combines pharmacologists with molecular and clinical geneticists. They work together to provide expert genetic interpretation and to explain its relevance to the individual and their referring doctor.

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Our vision

myDNA combines scientific evidence and expert knowledge to empower people about how their genes impact their health, delivering advice people can act on to live better.


Our values

Precision: We provide tailored health information based on an individual’s genetic profile.

Expert: Our specialised clinical team interpret the raw data and translate it into meaningful results that health professionals can use to guide their prescribing decisions.

Trusted: We base our interpretation of genetic data on credible scientific evidence backed by international guidelines.

Empowering: We support people by providing personalised genetic interpretation to help them to achieve better health outcomes.

Secure: We store genetic information securely in our portal where it can be accessed by the individual and their nominated health professional. We uphold confidentiality and do not share the data.