Can you tailor your diet and workouts to your DNA?

We explore how the myDNA Personalised Wellness Test can bring another level of personalisation to your approach to nutrition and fitness

13 Jul, 2022




Thinking about embarking on a new health journey filled with intense HIIT workouts and low carb, low calorie (basically low joy) diets? Hold up right there! 

One-size-fits-all workout plans and diets are a thing of the past. Sure, obviously the basic rules of eating a balanced, healthy diet full of wholefoods and practising daily exercise are essential, but did you know you can now get more out of your workouts and nutrition than ever before? The key here is personalisation. But not just any personalisation. We’re talking true personalisation. Personalisation using the power of your DNA. Here, your DNA can reveal what workout and diet you should be following based on your body’s genetic predispositions to nutrition and fitness. 

We’re all unique and respond differently to certain foods and exercises, so, why not be more informed about your unique body and start tailoring your diet and workouts to your DNA?  


Your DNA

We can all guess what workouts and diets suit us best based on anecdotal experiences, but the truth is, you don’t really know for sure unless you take a DNA test.

When it comes to your nutrition and fitness, our Personalised Wellness Test gives you insight into the following:


Find out what macro and micronutrients you need to prioritise based on your body’s genetic predispositions to weight and its processing and absorption ability of certain vitamins and minerals. Based on your results, you can make more informed decisions surrounding your diet. 

For example, eating more protein if you have a genetic predisposition to increased appetite. Or, increasing your intake of iron-rich foods if your genes cause you to have a decreased ability to store and transport iron. 


Discover your power vs endurance profile, your natural stamina and recovery ability, and your risk of injury from exercise. Based on your DNA results, you can choose a workout regime that helps you train more effectively. 

For example, if you have an endurance profile but enjoy lifting weights at the gym, you’ll be informed to make the decision to lift lighter weights but with more reps and sets – an endurance approach to weight training. You’ll also learn about your optimal recovery time, whether you need to prioritise stretching to avoid injury and your natural baseline fitness that you’re working with. To find out more about tailoring your workouts to your DNA, read Train Smarter, Not Harder.

Check out the DNA insights you can unlock with our Personalised Wellness Test to improve your approach to nutrition, fitness and wellness.

Don’t Forget Your Health Goals

It’s important to note, just because you understand your DNA, doesn’t mean you can skip out on getting clear on your health and fitness goals. Are you looking to build muscle? Lose weight? Feel more energised? Your health goals will also influence how you tailor your approach to nutrition and fitness.  

For example, if you want to lose weight, it will be important to combine the knowledge of your macro and micronutrient needs with eating in a sustainable calorie deficit. Alternatively, if you’re building muscle, you’ll need to make sure you’re eating enough calories and protein to support muscle growth, as well as doing workouts that challenge you. Lastly, it may be common sense, but you’ll need to ensure you are eating a healthy balanced diet and getting enough exercise to feel your happiest and healthiest self. Essentially, just because you understand your DNA, doesn’t mean you can achieve your goals with minimum effort. You need to consider relevant nutrition and fitness principles that apply to your goals too! 

In the myDNA Unlocked app, you are asked about your health goals, which are taken into consideration when you get your results.    

What The Personalised Wellness Test Can Do For You

Our Personalised Wellness Test is a tool to be more informed about your body’s unique health and wellness needs. Ultimately, this enables you to adopt healthier, more sustainable lifestyle choices suited to you – helping you to optimise your nutrition and fitness and look and feel your best!

Order a Personalised Wellness Test today to find out how you can tailor your diet and workouts to your DNA.

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