myDNA’s 5 Fundamentals of Wellness

Health and wellness is a journey - let us show you the way!

19 May, 2022




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It’s easy to believe that health and wellness looks like a strict exercise routine and a super clean diet. But, we’re here to tell you this is not the case!

Everyone’s wellness journey is individual, and it’s about working out what works for you and balancing healthy decisions with fun and joy. We recommend being more informed about your individual needs with our Personalised Wellness Test. Once you have your results you need to implement small, achievable daily habits consistently and ensure your wellness journey is tailored to you. 

There are no silver bullets when it comes to your health, and although we mentioned everyone’s wellness journey will be different, there are some basic fundamentals to practice to ensure you’re on the right track! Keep reading to find out.

1. Nutrition

nutrition fundamental

The first pillar of wellness is having a balanced healthy diet. This will reduce your risk of physical health conditions and improve your sleep, mood and brain function – essential for feeling your best! To start improving your nutrition, try eating the rainbow while still enjoying all foods (avoid restriction).

Did you know…

The myDNA Personalised Wellness Test can help you be more informed about your nutritional needs, helping you to improve your overall diet! We look at several genes to identify the macro and micronutrients you likely need more of, helping you make more informed nutrition choices.

2. Exercise

exercise fundamental

Not just great for improving your strength, aerobic capacity, and reducing your risk of disease, exercise can help regulate emotions and prevent symptoms of depression and anxiety! To start receiving the health and wellness benefits of exercise, try fitting in 30 minutes of movement you enjoy every day.

Did you know…

The myDNA Personalised Wellness Test can identify the training style best suited to you. Training profiles include power, endurance and allrounder! Knowing which one you are means you can adjust your workouts to get the most out of every movement. Furthermore, unlock other fitness DNA insights on injury prevention, recovery and stamina.

3. Sleep

sleep fundamental

Good sleep is core to wellness – it’s the time where our brains restore and rejuvenate themselves! Consequently, sleep is essential for brain health, mood and energy, physical health, mental health and immune system function. As such, prioritise sleep, aiming for 7-8 hours. How can you do this? Ensure you have consistent sleep and wake times (that account for 7-8 hours of sleep), sleep in a dark and quiet room, and try winding down before bedtime (we like meditating or journaling).

Did you know…

With the myDNA Personalised Wellness Test, you can unlock a sleep routine that’s individual to you! Take the test to unlock DNA sleep insights on sleep duration, morning vs evening type, sleep deprivation, sleep fragmentation, social jetlag, movement in sleep, sleep and weight management, and sleep and healthy blood sugar levels.

4. Social

family fundamental

Socialising prevents feelings of loneliness, improves brain function, increases sense of happiness and wellbeing, and may even help you live longer. In-person is best, however, connecting via technology can work too! If you struggle to find the time to be social in your busy schedule, give these ideas a go: get your friend to join one of your workouts, call a friend when you go for a walk, or invite a friend over to cook and eat dinner together.

5. Mindfulness

mindfulness fundamental

Mindfulness is the practice of being in the moment and appreciating the present. This helps to improve mental health, allowing you to be mentally clear and emotionally calm. Practising mindfulness doesn’t have to be difficult! Try tuning into the sights and sounds on your next walk, chewing slowly, noticing tastes and textures when you eat or meditating by counting your breaths and allowing thoughts to come and go with no judgments. 

Your Health and Wellness Journey Should Be Unique To You

Did you know, your DNA can influence your body’s unique health and wellness needs? Here, unlocking your DNA can help you to be more informed about your body’s unique health and wellness needs – an essential first step in any health journey!

With the myDNA Personalised Wellness Test, unlock 30+ DNA insights from the following categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Heart Health
  • Bone Health
  • Caffeine
  • Sleep
  • Skin
  • B Vitamins
  • Iron

Order your kit today to become more informed about your body, and to help you tailor your health and wellness journey to your unique needs.

myDNA, health and wellness your way!

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