It’s Better Together: 7 Things To Try This February With A Health Buddy

It’s easy to put your health and wellness first when you have someone to keep you accountable. This February, do these 7 things with a buddy to set you up for a healthy lifestyle!

04 Feb, 2022




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Did you know, a study looking at the spread of obesity in social networks showed that if you have a sibling or partner who becomes obese, your chances of also becoming obese increases by 40% and 37% respectively? This is most likely due to a change in what you view as normal when it comes to healthy behaviours. Alternatively, a study looking at ways to improve weight loss found that people who have a ‘buddy’ are more likely to achieve their health goals than those who do not. Here, the researchers found regardless if the buddy was a romantic partner or pal, both were equally effective in the participants’ health plight! 

As such, to help you pick up and maintain healthy behaviours in 2022, we’re challenging you to enlist the help of a buddy to do these 7 things during February (and hopefully for the rest of the year) to help you become your happiest and healthiest self.  

1. Prepare your meals at home and include more veg

meal prep

Restaurants and takeaway meals are often larger and laden with calorie dense oil and butter. Therefore, cooking at home means you can control what’s going into your meal and the serving size you dish up. Even if your meal isn’t necessarily the healthiest, it’s likely better for you than its restaurant or takeaway equivalent! To maximise the benefits of cooking at home, set yourself the small goal of serving up some extra veg with each meal. Whether it’s salad, roast veggies or shredded veggies hidden in your meal, the extra fibre and nutrient boost will make you feel good from the inside out!


Turn to your buddy to brainstorm some convenient and easy recipe ideas – there’s heaps on the myDNA Unlocked app! At the end of each week, let each other know what meals worked best for you to give each other inspo.

2. Fit 30 minutes (or more) of movement in everyday

getting ready to exercise

The key to feeling great is getting some exercise in! This doesn’t have to look like an intense HIIT workout everyday, a walk around the park will suffice! Not only will you feel fitter, but regular exercise will also improve your mood from all those endorphins. Meeting a friend to exercise with will also hold you accountable, particularly if you have planned to meet at a particular time. 


Set yourself a step goal with your buddy and see who can do the most in a day! Additionally, the myDNA Unlocked app has DNA-powered workout plans with form guides if you want to hit the gym or do a workout at home.

3. Drink 3L of water everyday

drinking water

Ok, we know this one is kind of boring. But seriously, our bodies are 60% water and we are continuously losing it throughout the day from breathing (our exhales are around 6% water vapour), sweating and going to the toilet. Being hydrated allows our brains to function optimally and our skin to glow (plus plenty of other health benefits)!


Go drink bottle shopping with your buddy! Choose one that’s easy to drink from and preferably a 1L size so you can easily keep track of your liquid intake.

4. Check in with each other everyday


Known for hitting snooze and skipping that morning workout? Or, maybe you’re constantly tempted to order takeaway? Whether you’re working out and cooking together, or simply just checking in with a text each day, knowing that you have someone to report to can be seriously motivating to keep you on track!

Did you know…

On average, it takes a person 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic. By checking in with your buddy everyday, your new fitness and nutrition behaviours will become long-term healthy habits that you don’t have to think twice about.

5. Try a sport or exercise out of your comfort zone

it's better together

Now that you have a health buddy, this is the perfect opportunity to encourage and motivate each other to try a sport or workout you may have never tried alone! Other than improving your strength and fitness, trying a new sport is a great way to meet more like-minded people and build your confidence!


Look for a local social sport team to join, go halves in a personal trainer, try a gym class together or do something adventurous like rock climbing, surfing or yoga in nature!

6. Go for a walk with your buddy once a week

walk with buddy

Not only will this help you with point 2, going for a walk with your buddy is a great opportunity to socialise – important for health and happiness! In fact, socialising reduces feelings of loneliness while increasing our sense of happiness and wellbeing. Additionally, it improves our memory and cognitive performance, and may even help us live longer!


Of course catch up on the weekly goss, but this is also a great opportunity to talk about what you’re struggling with this week (whether that’s the health journey you’re both on or life in general!). Confiding in your buddy can be a great way to destress or hear some solutions.

7. Take the myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit test together

kit shot

With the myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit, unlock your DNA with your health buddy so you can both better tailor your lifestyles to your bodies’ unique health and wellness needs. Together, discover 30+ DNA insights on the following categories: Nutrition, Fitness, Heart Health, Bone Health, Caffeine, Sleep, Skin, B Vitamins and Iron.

Find Out:

With the Personalised Wellness Kit, discover if your health and wellness needs match your buddy’s!

Are you both morning people?

Can you both have that afternoon coffee?

Do your bodies both suit the same workout styles?

Can you follow the same skincare regime?

When preparing meals, should one of you be eating more protein than the other? 

Can you both have that late night snack?

Should you both be focusing on different foods to hit your vitamin needs?

It’s more fun together! myDNA, health and wellness your way.

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