myDNA And Be Fit Food Are Bringing The Science To Nutrition

It’s time to start eating for your genetics! A deep dive into why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work.

01 Dec, 2021


Ever wondered why your friend’s style of eating works so well for them, but not for you? The reason may be hidden in your DNA…

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The Science Behind Diet

We’re all individuals with different genetics, living different lives, with different nutritional needs. As such, there’s a good chance the diet your friend is following won’t work for you. This is where we come in. We analyse your DNA to recommend a DNA-powered meal plan to fit your ideal macronutrient breakdown. That is, the ideal percentage of daily calories you get from carbs, fat and protein – collectively known as macronutrients. Depending on your lifestyle and health goals, we assign suitable calories to your DNA-powered meal plan.

Which DNA-Powered Meal Plan Is Right For Me?

Based on your DNA, we will recommend a meal plan suited to your body’s unique 

needs. Where each of our DNA-powered meal plans are composed of different macronutrient breakdowns, designed for different genetic profiles.

The Genes We Look At:


Influences the fat storage process to save fats for future energy needs. Depending on your gene result, you may be more or less likely to store excess calories as fat.

FTO Gene: 

Linked to appetite, body size and risk of obesity. Depending on your gene result, you may or may not have a normal appetite and less chance of overeating.

MITF3 Gene: 

Has a strong association with a higher body mass index (BMI). Depending on your gene result, your gene may or may not have an association with a higher BMI.

Fun Fact:

62% of myDNA members have a  FTO gene result that is associated with an increased appetite and a lack of feeling full! These people would benefit from a diet higher in protein as it promotes feelings of satiety and combats that urge to snack. These people are also more likely to lose weight on a high protein diet!

Our Meal Plans

Protein Balance:

Packed with protein, this meal plan  will help you feel fuller for longer.

Clean & Lean:

Packed with protein and reduces overall fat intake, while focusing on healthy fats such as unsaturated fats and in particular Omega-3s. It’s a clean & lean way of eating,  full of fresh whole foods. 

Lite & Trim:

Designed to trim down your overall fat intake, while maximizing healthy fats for your  allocated dietary requirements. It’s also packed fresh whole vegetables and has just the right amount of protein for you!


Focuses on fiber-rich natural foods with a good dose of healthy fats like extra-virgin olive oil.

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myDNA x Be Fit Food

Be Fit Food is a company that provides its customers with delicious pre-made meals and meal programs to help them achieve sustainable weight loss, helping them live their healthiest and happiest lives – a mission that is close to our heart. 

As such, our partnership with Be Fit Food helps them pinpoint their customers’ DNA-powered meal plan (i.e. a meal plan based on their ideal macronutrient breakdown), enabling them to bring personalisation to their pre-packaged meals and meal programs, which may help their customers achieve their health goals sooner.

Backed by industry leading science, myDNA and Be Fit Food are bringing customers an authentic, healthy eating approach and a unique insight into their body – so they can become their happiest and healthiest selves! 

Ready to get personal with your nutrition? Take advantage of our offer with Be Fit Food.

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