The Promising Future of Medication Prescribing for Mental Health

You may not have heard of it yet, but there’s a genetics test which may help you and your doctor determine the right mental health medications for you!

22 Oct, 2021



Mental Health


With one in five Australians experiencing mental health problems every year, it is likely you or someone you know is familiar with the potential struggle of trying to find an effective treatment for them and their personal situation.

Mental health lies on a broad spectrum, but some common conditions that may require medications for treatment include anxiety and depression. There are often a range of different therapies available, and whilst doctors can utilise a variety of information at hand, the traditional approach to prescribing medications for these mental health conditions may still involve an element of guesswork, even for the most experienced specialist or GP!

Did you know?

Only 50% of people respond effectively to their first medication treatment of antidepressants. This may lead to a lengthier timeframe to find the right medication for the individual.

Medications and your genetics

People can respond differently to medications for varying reasons, but one important reason includes an individuals’ genetic makeup. Genes can influence how your body processes (or “metabolises”) many medications, and variations in certain genes may lead to some people responding to medications differently.

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Did you know?

Up to 1 in 10 people may process certain medications too slowly. This can increase their risk of side effects. Conversely, 1 in 3 people may process certain medications too quickly, increasing their risk of treatment failure!

There’s a mental health medication test that could support your mental health

Clinically known as a type of pharmacogenomic (or PGx) test, a mental health medication test can reveal how your body processes certain mental health medications.

This genetic test includes a report for your health professional, which converts your results into practical advice for your doctor, providing them with additional information which may assist them in prescribing the right medication for you.

This may help to reduce the chance of wasted cost and time on ‘trial-and-error’ medicines, reduce the risk of adverse drug reactions, and help you to reach your treatment goals sooner.

Where can I get a mental health medications test from?

You can order a myDNA Personalised Mental Health Medications Test, which includes DNA insights for certain medications from the following mental health medication categories: Antidepressants, Antipsychotics, ADHD medications and more (please contact us for a full list or to enquire if specific medications of interest are covered).

By helping you to understand more about the role your genetics play in processing certain medications, the myDNA Personalised Mental Health Medications Test may help you to reduce the risk of side effects from your mental health medications and help you to feel better sooner.

Unlock the following with a myDNA Personalised Mental Health Medications Test:

  • Personalised insights based on your unique genetic profile
  • Information relating to your body’s expected response to certain prescribed medication(s), based on your DNA test results
  • Discover what your genetic makeup means for how your body processes certain medications
  • Includes prescribing recommendations for your doctor, based on your individual results
  • Lifetime relevance – receive online access to the results for your future reference, following report delivery by your nominated health professional

We’re all unique, so your approach to treating your mental health condition should be too! Order a myDNA Personalised Mental Health Medications Test today.

myDNA, health and wellness your way!


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