Behind the Scenes at the Office: Team Wellness & 8 Week Challenges

Here's a sneak-peek into what's been happening at our home for the first quarter of this year.

26 Mar, 2019

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Take yourself back to the first few weeks of 2019 as you returned to work, got back into your daily routines and reflected on another summer break filled with fun activities, way too much food and drink and far too little time for exercise.

Hopefully you can relate, because that’s exactly how the majority of the myDNA office felt this year, but lucky for us we were on the verge of launching our newly expanded meal plans and an improved 8-week fitness program on our customer portal to make it even easier to turn our DNA insights into action. This wasn’t just the motivation we needed to get back on track, but provided the perfect opportunity to trial our own insights and recommendations to see what we could achieve.

8 Weeks Later…

Over the 8 weeks we shared our experiences and compared notes for making the numerous suggested recipes, regularly banded together to complete our personalised training plans and kept track of our results via the secure portal

As a group we weren’t in the worse shape (even if we felt we were) but during the 8 weeks the 24 staff who competed were able to make fantastic improvements as measured through body composition scans.

  • We lost a total of 42.9kg
  • Of that our fat loss specifically was 28.8kg
  • While we gained a total of 5.3kg of muscle over the 8 weeks!
a chart showing the myDNA team's overall collated wellness data
How did we go?

The winner lost more than 5kg of fat and gained 2.8kg of muscle. They did so following their recommended higher protein diet with low fat intake and made the most of their all-rounder ability by combining HIIT, martial arts training and cycling.

Body composition scans are a useful tool to keep track of progress, each of our goals were different. Some staff measured success in improved cholesterol levels, while others were looking to improve cardio fitness.

a photo of the mydna team members holding up their wellness results

As a business and as a team our priority is to embed healthy changes that can last a lifetime, so it was really encouraging to so easily implement and see the results from our actionable DNA insights, while our newly improved portal has made that process easier than ever before, so we can’t wait to see the results from our community!

At the same time as our office challenge, a select group of customers were completing their own 8-week challenge with help from myDNA ambassador and nutritionist, Alex Pendlebury and in-house myDNA training specialist Jordan Bender. Stay tuned for the results of this program in the coming weeks.

Find out how to put a Meal Plan into action here.

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