Make 2022 The Year To Invest In You

We break down the 2 key elements that a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit incorporates to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

06 Jan, 2022





Did you know, 51% of Aussies set the intention to lose weight as their new year’s resolution?1 Almost 40% vow to improve their nutrition!1 This year, support your new year’s resolutions with a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit.

The time is now to take charge of your health!

A personalised approach to health and wellness
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We take into consideration what makes you unique by looking at your DNA. This enables you to be more informed about your unique body, so you can move and nourish it the way it was made to – helping you to instill long-term, health-promoting behaviours into your daily life! 

For just $99, you will unlock 30+ DNA insights, over a 30 day period, with our Personalised Wellness Kit – now that’s great value!

These DNA insights last a lifetime. Learn about:

Personalised Wellness Insights

We also provide a heap of tips and recommendations based on your DNA insights, helping you turn insight into action!

We understand that long-term behaviour change is key

We’re all about you living your healthiest and happiest life. But this requires long-term commitment to making better lifestyle choices. This is near impossible to do with quick-fix fad diets or silver bullets, which often require unsustainable nutrition and fitness choices. That’s why our Personalised Wellness Kit informs you about your body’s unique needs so you can feel empowered to make healthier choices for the rest of your life! By helping you understand which food groups and training style suits you most, you can make better choices to nourish and move your body more effectively over the long-term. 

When you purchase a kit, you will also receive a free 30 day premium membership – a program that includes DNA-powered meal and workout plans where every calorie, macronutrient and exercise is tailored to your unique body. This program aims to address habits and achieve your health and wellness goals for 2022 – setting you up for a lifetime of better health choices.

Make 2022 the year you invest in you

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At myDNA, we’ve found that 60% of individuals who received a personalised, DNA-powered program solidified changes to their lifestyle within 6 months. Real change and results come from sustainable, long-term plans, powered by personalisation and behavioural science! 

Your DNA is relevant for life, so why not understand it better to tailor your lifestyle choices? Support your New Year’s health and wellness resolutions by becoming better informed about your unique body. It’s an investment that will last a lifetime! Order a myDNA Personalised Wellness Kit today!

myDNA, health and wellness your way!

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