We're Taking the Guesswork Out of Be Fit Food Meals

We've teamed up with Be Fit Food to help Aussies eat themselves better by personalising their pre-made meal selections.

03 Feb, 2021

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myDNA and Be Fit Food have teamed up to help Aussies eat themselves better with personalised meal recommendations based on their unique DNA.

Be Fit Food have been providing delicious pre-made meals to consumers since 2015. In that time, they’ve perfected their range of individual meals and their meal programs to help people achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss, a mission that is close to the heart of myDNA, who achieve the same result for their customers by scientifically calculating the perfect macronutrients and training styles for their DNA.

By pinpointing the macronutrients that are most suitable to a person’s unique body, Be Fit Food are now not only able to recommend the right calories for weight loss, but the best combinations of protein, carbohydrates, and fats to help accelerate the process.

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DNA-powered nutrition with Be Fit Food

The cluttered health foods category has been stubbornly slow to adopt the level of personalisation expected by consumers these days, mostly due to the invasive approaches required to access the necessary information. myDNA’s effortless cheek swab on the other hand extracts cheek cells containing precious DNA in which they analyse for variations in over 60 genetic markers revealing insights into diet, fitness, caffeine, essential vitamins and more.

“We know that food is the first medicine, and that’s the motivation behind our Doctor & Dietitian designed meals. With our myDNA partnership, we can take it one step further – by personalising the Be Fit Food meals that we recommend to customers based on their unique genes. Now people can learn about their health on a deeply personal level, and we’re here to support them 100% of the way – that’s new to the market”.

The results of the analysis align a person into one of four diet profiles, corresponding to the range of Be Fit Food meals – including the Lifestyle range recently developed in partnership with the CSIRO.

Protein Balance

Protein Balance will beef up your protein to help you feel fuller for longer.  This plan introduces protein to negate a genetic disposition to snacking. This nutritional approach has shown to help people with these genes to manage their weight more effectively.

Clean & Lean

The Clean & Lean plan is also packed with protein to help keep hunger at bay, and low in fat (focusing on healthy fats like Omega-3). It’s high in protein to fill you up, limits your fat intake, but focuses on healthy Omega-3 fats. Omega-3 helps people with this profile manage their weight more effectively.

Lite & Trim

Trim down your overall fat intake and increase fresh whole foods with the Lite & Trim plan. Lite & Trim maximises healthy fats (polyunsaturated and plant monounsaturated) to ensure those with these genes don’t eat more than they need, storing those excess calories as fat.


The Mediterranean plan focuses on fibre-rich, natural foods with a good dose of healthy fats like olive oil.

Josh Wittner, myDNA Chief Commercial officer said,

“Be Fit Food is the perfect partner to provide meals that are personalised to your DNA results. We’re all about turning DNA Insights into action and we’re always on the lookout for solutions to make this even easier.”

You can purchase the myDNA test directly from Be Fit Food.

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