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We've partnered with Skinstitut to launch a personalised skin aging DNA test, helping you discover genetically correct products for your skin needs.

29 Jan, 2021

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When it comes to anti-aging treatments the advice can be incredibly general with no evidence of the real threat future aging may present. This can lead to wasted time and money as fads come and go, while the real problems continue to go un-noticed until they appear many years later. Enter Skinstitut x myDNA’s Personalised Skin Aging Defence DNA test.

Skinstitut has partnered with myDNA, a personalised wellness company that decodes the information in your genes to help you make better health, wellness and lifestyle decisions. The brands have worked together to create the first ever Personalised Skin Aging Defence Test designed to empower Australian women to make confident skin care decisions from the comfort of their homes.

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Skinstitut and myDNA know that over 60% of skin aging is influenced by the genes we inherit, and have identified variations in these specific genes to provide insights and recommendations that can proactively treat the signs of skin aging, before the signs themselves are shown.

Skinstitut x myDNA Personalised Skin Aging Defence DNA Test includes:

  • Simple at-home-cheek-swab revealing genetic insights to power your re-documentations, including wrinkles, skin texture, age spots and sun damage
  • Detailed and targeted preventative measures to improve your daily skin care regime and help your skin look its best for your age
  • Personalised Skincare Plan outlining topical skin care, lifestyle tips, nutritional recommendations, and oral skin care recommendations to help turn your DNA insights into action
  • Personalised Skinstitut product recommendations to help you choose proactive measures specific for your skin
myDNA Personalised Skin Aging Defense Skinstitut Kit

Develop an understanding of your skin’s predisposition to aging too fast and learn how to prevent it with the Skinstitut x myDNA Personalised Skin Aging Defence DNA Test and learn which products are genetically correct for your skins needs.

The myDNA x Skinstitut Skin Aging Defence kit is available online at

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