What Is Genetic Counselling?

How and when it could benefit you.

26 Nov, 2021


Genetic counsellors play an essential role here at myDNA through our sister company Genetic Counselling Australia. Here, they deliver a valuable service nationally to individuals and families with, or at risk of, inherited genetic conditions. Clients are provided with information, risk assessment, resources and support to help them understand their genetics, test implications and further options. Areas of genetic counselling include prenatal, infertility, cancer, cardiac, neurology, reproductive, paediatric and adult genetics. 

Genetic Counsellors have specialist knowledge in human genetics, counselling and health communication skills. They play a critical role in educating individuals about genetic diseases and how genetics influences their lives. Our service aims to inform, educate and empower clients in order to assist them with understanding and making informed decisions regarding their genetic health.

People will see a genetic counsellor when they are planning to start a family, when they have a family history of a genetic condition, if they want to know if they are a carrier of a genetic condition, when trying to have a baby if having problems falling pregnant or experiencing multiple miscarriages, after giving birth to a baby with a genetic issue, or when they are wanting to undertake genetic testing.

Kathryn Visser – Our Resident Genetic Counsellor

Kathryn Visser

Kathryn is a qualified Genetic Counsellor with a background in medical research and has been working as a genetic counsellor on the myDNA and Genetic Counselling Australia team for 4 years, providing counselling in the areas of Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), Genetic Carrier Screening, Breast and Ovarian Cancer, Fabry Disease and Colorectal Cancer. She is passionate about working with other healthcare professionals to educate them about the value and importance of genetic counselling. Kathryn firmly believes in the importance of people being able to make informed decisions relating to their health, family and future, through the provision of information and support.

Interested in booking an appointment to speak with a genetic counsellor? Please contact our service via Genetic Counselling Australia at info@geneticcounsellingaustralia, on 1300 100 422 or via the website.

Keen to become a partner and collaborate with us to deliver high quality genetic counselling services? Please contact us at help@mydna.life or on 1300 436 373.

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