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The Clinical application of DPYD and UGT1A1 Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Tests
The Clinical application of DPYD and UGT1A1 Pharmacogenomic (PGx) Tests
Authors: Iva Lemberiadis and Tara Smith If you are a prescriber of 5-FU or capecitabine, it is important to test for DPYD genetic variants. Similarly, if you prescribe irinotecan, testing for UGT1A1 variants is necessary. These tests can identify patients at increased risk of toxicity, allowing for more personalised and safer treatment plans. DPYD PGx [...]
Methylation: A Deep Dive for Practitioners
Methylation: A Deep Dive for Practitioners

Methylation, a fundamental biochemical process, is rapidly gaining traction in health. It involves attaching methyl groups to DNA and proteins, acting as a cellular on/off switch. While seemingly minor, these tweaks significantly impact various bodily functions: Nutrient Metabolism & Energy Production: Methylation influences how your body uses nutrients (like folate and B vitamins) to fuel […]

3 female friends outside on a dock laughing and smiling
Our top 3 Health Tips from Dr Carlotta Petti
This week is Women’s Health Week where we hear from Dr Carlotta Petti, our Scientific Director and expert in Nutrigenomics! ❤️ Follow along and find out Carlotta's top 3 tips for women, talking about Iron 🥬, Bone Health 🧀 and Brain Health 🧠. Kick off your health journey!
get back into exercise
How to Stay Motivated to Exercise
When we first start an exercise program, it's easy to stay motivated with the thought of how it's going to change our life. Fast forward a few months, or even a few weeks, and many people find their motivation is starting to wear thin and it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep up the enthusiasm to [...]
a woman out for a run at golden hour
How To Get Back Into Fitness After A Break
Had a break from fitness but struggling to find the motivation to exercise again? Or, maybe you’re just ready to hit refresh on your fitness regimen after falling out of love with exercise? In this blog, we’re taking you through the 5 steps to get back into exercise again. Word of warning though, this is [...]
How Long Does It Take to See Results from Exercise?
How Long Does It Take to See Results from Exercise?
Whether we want to increase our aerobic endurance, run a 5K or build muscle, most people want to see the results of their effort quickly. But how long does it really take to see results from exercise? First of all, it depends on the type of exercise you are doing and how often you are [...]
Man and woman exercising
Don’t Fall For These 5 Common Fitness Myths
Can you exercise ‘off’ bad eating habits? Will lifting weights really make you bulky? If you do an ab workout challenge, will it help you lose stomach fat? If you’re into health and fitness, these are likely all questions you’ve asked yourself at some point. Not to worry, in this blog we are busting 5 [...]
Can you tailor your diet and workouts to your DNA?
Thinking about embarking on a new health journey filled with intense HIIT workouts and low carb, low calorie (basically low joy) diets? Hold up right there!  One-size-fits-all workout plans and diets are a thing of the past. Sure, obviously the basic rules of eating a balanced, healthy diet full of wholefoods and practising daily exercise [...]
mindfulness fundamental
myDNA’s 5 Fundamentals of Wellness
It’s easy to believe that health and wellness looks like a strict exercise routine and a super clean diet. But, we’re here to tell you this is not the case! Everyone’s wellness journey is individual, and it’s about working out what works for you and balancing healthy decisions with fun and joy.  There are no [...]
man grocery shopping
Let’s talk about heart health!
With the change in seasons, March is the month for CHANGE! Why don’t you make a change too?  For the final week of March, we’re challenging you to support your heart’s health with 5 easy steps to help you live your heart healthiest life! Also, if you haven’t already, click these links for our tips [...]
it's better together
It’s Better Together: 6 Things To Try This February With A Health Buddy
Did you know, a study looking at the spread of obesity in social networks showed that if you have a sibling or partner who becomes obese, your chances of also becoming obese increases by 40% and 37% respectively? This is most likely due to a change in what you view as normal when it comes [...]
healthy meals
myDNA And Be Fit Food Are Bringing The Science To Nutrition
Ever wondered why your friend’s style of eating works so well for them, but not for you? The reason may be hidden in your DNA... The Science Behind Diet We’re all individuals with different genetics, living different lives, with different nutritional needs. As such, there’s a good chance the diet your friend is following won’t [...]
Genetic Counsellor Image
What Is Genetic Counselling?
Genetic counsellors play an essential role here at myDNA through our sister company Genetic Counselling Australia. Here, they deliver a valuable service nationally to individuals and families with, or at risk of, inherited genetic conditions. Clients are provided with information, risk assessment, resources and support to help them understand their genetics, test implications and further [...]
doctor discussing pharmacogenomic insurance with a patient
The Promising Future of Medication Prescribing for Mental Health
With one in five Australians experiencing mental health problems every year, it is likely you or someone you know is familiar with the potential struggle of trying to find an effective treatment for them and their personal situation. Mental health lies on a broad spectrum, but some common conditions that may require medications for treatment [...]
Social Connection
8 Lifestyle Hacks To Support Your Mental Health
Putting your health and happiness first, especially in this current climate, isn’t a selfish act, it’s a necessity! After all, you can’t be there for others if you haven’t looked after yourself first. Ready to improve your mental health and put yourself first? Keep reading for our 8 lifestyle hacks you can start implementing this [...]
a person shopping at a supermarket for heart health food
Heart Health: 6 Tips to Help You Live Your Heart Healthiest Life
We all know the importance of the heart - it pumps blood around the body, which provides our body parts with vital oxygen and nutrients needed to survive! Without maintaining good heart health, we increase our risk of preventable heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack and coronary artery disease. Not only will making smarter [...]
myDNA CEO Lior Rauchberger standing in the laboratory
myDNA Mulls US SPAC Listing
The last twelve months at myDNA have been huge. We've launched our new personalised wellness membership program, merged with US genomics giants, Gene by Gene, and we're now entertaining the interest of a number of health tech SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) out of the United States. The DNA testing market is still emerging as [...]
Close up of a scientist in a laboratory looking down a microscope
Pharmacogenetic and Genealogy Pioneers Merge for Historic Partnership
Dr. Lior Rauchberger, CEO of leading Australian genomics company, myDNA, announced a merger with the U.S., Houston-based consumer DNA test company, FamilyTreeDNA, and its parent company, Gene by Gene. Dr. Rauchberger will step into the role of CEO of the merged companies, effective immediately. Gene by Gene co-founders Bennett Greenspan and Max Blankfeld will join the Board of Directors. FamilyTreeDNA, [...]
a group of woman in yoga gear standing together and smiling
How to Change your Behaviour for Good – The Science Behind Behaviour Change
There’s no doubt about it: implementing long-term behaviour change is difficult. This struggle is probably most relatable when it comes to our health. We mostly know the healthy lifestyle we’re supposed to be living (exercising regularly, eating a nutritious diet, adequate sleep, not smoking, limiting alcohol, etc), but life itself always seems to get in [...]
a close up of two people's arms reaching out for each other
Genetic Counsellor Awareness Day – Celebrating Our Counsellors
The 12th of November marks Genetic Counsellor Awareness day. The day is dedicated to celebrating these professionals and raising awareness about the important role genetic counsellors have. This role includes helping both the public and health professionals understand the important and supportive role they play in healthcare. What is genetic counselling? Genetic counselling is a [...]
a woman doing yoga on a rug in her home while her young daughter hugs her
Update: Australian Medical Association’s Statement of Genetic Testing in Medicine
On the 1st of September, 2020 the Australian Medical Association (AMA) updated its policy on genetic testing to recognise the importance of genomics in healthcare. President of the AMA, Dr Omar Khorshid, acknowledged the capacity of genetics and genomics to rapidly transform health care, stating “the AMA believes genetic and genomic technologies should be incorporated [...]
a man standing with his infant son up on his shoulders
Precision Prescribing Can Combat Australia’s Expected Surge In Mental Illness
Social isolation, familial and community disconnection, shock job loss and health fears create the perfect storm for a person who is vulnerable to mental illness. New modelling by the Brain and Mind Centre confirms our fears, that this pandemic may see more deaths by suicide than by the virus itself. Predictions estimate a 25% increase [...]
Black and White photo of myDNA Founder Les Sheffield Recieving an award
Our Founder’s Story
The vision to offer pharmacogenomic tests to the Australian public came from myDNA founder Associate Professor Les Sheffield. A pioneer in his field, Les became the first Australian to qualify as a clinical geneticist in 1976. At the Royal Women’s and Children’s Hospitals he specialised in genetic tests and oversaw the introduction of Down's syndrome [...]
Lior Rauchberger and the presenters on set at Channel 7's House of Wellness
myDNA Features on House of Wellness
If you were watching House of Wellness on Sunday 5 May, 2019 we hope you caught our segment! Luke Hines, along with Alex Pendlebury, and our CEO Lior Rauchberger brought our product to life in a short segment talking about Luke Hines’ own myDNA Weight Management test results. Featuring on one of Australia's most popular [...]
a black and white photo of a padlock showing security
5 Ways We Keep Your DNA Private
Some things are better kept secret: your pin number, passwords and most definitely your DNA. After all, what’s more personal than your genetic code? It’s what makes you unique. You might have heard about the American DNA testing company, 23andMe, that has made a USD $300million deal with a pharmaceutical company, giving it exclusive access [...]
myDNA lab staff Craig analysing DNA samples
Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes at Our Lab
If you mention DNA most people think about fingerprints at a crime scene or testing for paternity. Genetic testing has become an accepted part of modern day life, but very few of us understand how it works. In our lab it’s a cheek swab sample that becomes transformed into a report. So how does this [...]
a person holding a packet of blue medication pills and a large cup
Five Reasons Why Your Medications Might Not Be Working
Many people struggle with medications that are ineffective or can even cause nasty side effects. If your medications aren't playing nice there's a multitude of reasons and factors which could be at play, but here are some of the more common ones. You eat a lot of green leafy vegetables It is a surprising and [...]
two medication packets on a bed with a comforting soft toy
How to Get the Right Dose of Medication, First Try
Grief is the most natural human response to loss, and each individual's experience with it is unique. Therefore, it is no surprise the way in which we respond to it is unique also. For many, overcoming loss is a healing process that can be met with time, yet for others it is more complex, has [...]
an orange packet of mental health medications
Easing the Burden on Mental Health Patients With Precision Medicine
As more and more Australians are using antidepressants, or medications associated with mental illness, the time is right for a re-think on the approach to treatment of these conditions. Eighty-nine Australians in every 1,000 are now prescribed some form of daily anti-depressant, but 10 years ago the rate was closer to 45 – near enough [...]
a shot of the host from Pharmacy News
Pharmacy News – What Does Personalised Healthcare Mean?
You might have heard the term "personalised healthcare" tossed around. But what exactly does this mean? How can tailored healthcare solutions through genetic testing and pharmacogenomics help you and your patients? Dr Lior Rauchberger, CEO of myDNA, talks us through interpreting patient DNA to create personalised healthcare for our patients. You can watch the segment [...]
various coloured pills in foil packaging on a table
Pharmacogenomics – What Is It and How Can It Help Us?
A new era of personalised medicine Companies like myDNA are involved in an exciting new area of personalised medicine known as pharmacogenomics. So what is it? Pharmacogenomics is the branch of genetics which looks at the likely response of an individual to therapeutic drugs. Once a person’s likely response to medication is known, a doctor [...]
a foil packet with small blue pills
Precision Medicine is Booming Globally – Here’s Why
Precision medicine is a field of medicine that takes into account individual differences in people’s genes, environments, family history, and lifestyles to make diagnostic and therapeutic strategies precisely tailored to individual patients. Today, most medical treatments are designed for the average patient using the “one-size-fits-all” approach. However, in many cases, this approach isn’t effective because [...]
a scientist in a laboratory wearing a lab coat holding DNA samples
Will Genetics Become the New Standard in Healthcare?
In this edition, Business Class talks with Dr Lior Rauchberger about genomics and the role of pharmacy in education and advice, and first‑step testing. Business Class: Lior, tell us a little bit about your background and professional training? Dr. Lior Rauchberger: I studied Medicine at Monash University followed by Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University. I have a passion for [...]
a middle-aged female patient attending a pharmacy
Safer and More Effective Prescribing – DNA Powered Testing
The Challenge myDNA, in collaboration with Melbourne Health, has pioneered a pharmacogenomic decision support tool that links a patient’s DNA results with known drug metabolic profiles using the software system to predict likely individual drug performance, and to provide a treatment decision support tool for doctors. This system is a secure web based system that [...]
a row of children from a family standing in order of height
Does Mental Illness Run in Families? Genetics & Mental Health
Your parents and mental health If someone in your family has a mental illness you might be worried that you are at risk of developing one too. It does seem that mental illness can be passed on in families through genes. However, we do not fully understand how this works. Mental illness may be passed on [...]
a container for daily pills containing blue and white medication
Antidepressant Roulette – The Problem with Trial-and-Error
The challenges of finding the right medication It can be a challenge to find the right medication to treat depression. In general, medication does not cure depression but it can alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately for some people antidepressants can cause side effects. Often there’s a period of waiting for several weeks before it’s possible to [...]
3 doctors standing discussing patient x-ray result
How Genetic Data Could Save Lives in Cardiac Care
Life-saving data There is a wealth of published information describing interactions between drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease and the genetic variations that can affect how patients respond to them. But few heart specialists make routine use of this potentially life-saving data. To help physicians make better-informed clinical decisions, researchers from the University of Chicago [...]
a doctor sitting at a desk with a stethoscope and computer
How Personalised Prescribing Could Save Mental Health Patients Millions
Patients' lives and half a billion dollars a year could be saved across Australia's mental health hospital services if a new regime of tailoring prescriptions to individuals' genes was widely used, a Melbourne trial has found. So-called "personalised prescribing" is based on patients undertaking a simple blood test or cheek swab to gain genetic profile [...]
an assortment of medications in and around a plastic container
A Simple Genetic Test Could Significantly Cut Overdose Toll
A Melbourne geneticist has developed a test that can show if a patient is metabolising prescription drugs too slowly or too quickly. He says it could help reduce overdose deaths. Associate Professor Les Sheffield said variations in particular genes were vital in determining how well a person processed medications but little testing was being done [...]
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